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Dispelling Silverfish Myths

silverfish crawling in home

The internet is a large vessel of information, and at any time of the day you can find any number of stories on the internet about a wide variety of topics. The downside to this is that most of this information is not filtered for accuracy, and it’s very easy to fall into the trap of false information. If you click the wrong link you could be connected to a website that is biased or politically affiliated, or it could be a link to a public website where anyone can post any information (true or false) on a certain topic. Not surprisingly, there are a lot of “facts” about silverfish on the internet that are simply wrong.

If you are experiencing a silverfish problem and decide to do some research, these are a few of the myths that you will run into:

  • Silverfish are a form of fish: This is false. Silverfish are really just small insects. The word “fish” is included in their name because of their fish-like movements. 
  • Silverfish can swim: This is also false. They do, in fact, resemble a fish when they scurry across the floor, but those movements wouldn’t aid them in swimming. 
  • Silverfish are always silver: Yup, you probably guessed it…it’s false. They are primarily silver but they often appear brownish-gray, white, or have a blue tint to them. 
  • Silverfish bite humans: This is not true. No, they do not bite. They don’t sting either.
  • Silverfish can harm pets: Once again, false. In connection with the last myth, they do not harm pets in any way. They are not known to spread diseases and are not considered dangerous at all. They can, however, cause considerable damage to the items that they infest and feed on. 
  • Silverfish need to be in dry places: This is very, very false. Silverfish require high levels of humidity to survive. They find their way into your home in search of moisture and food. This is why they are commonly found in basements, bathrooms, kitchens, and other areas of high moisture. In fact, if silverfish have infested your home it is often a sign that you have serious moisture issues.

Now that you know the correct information about silverfish, it may make you wonder if you’re home is protected against them. Two important prevention tips are to make sure that your home doesn’t have any moisture or water problems and do what you can to lower humidity levels. However, the best prevention method is regular services from Big Blue Bug Solutions, South Portland’s local pest control company. Our residential pest control program automatically consists of three preventative maintenance visits each year! If a silverfish problem does arise, we will come out right away—at no additional charge! Silverfish are tricky pests to find because they prefer dark, high moisture areas that are hard to reach. Our technicians have the experience needed to properly control your silverfish problem. Here at Big Blue Bug Solutions, we want our customers to be informed with the correct information—not false facts found on the internet. If you have any questions or concerns, call us today and we will help make your home pest free!