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What A Summer Pest Bird Problem Could Mean For Your Business


One thing that business owners can guarantee to happen every summer is the return of pest birds, especially in the Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut areas. Since birds follow the warm weather, when temperatures start to rise, so will the number of birds hanging around your property. Pest birds are drawn to businesses because of the ample amount of prey (bugs, rodents, etc.) that are scavenging for food, water, or shelter. Though they are often underestimated, birds are capable of causing a big problem for businesses are definitely not a pest you want hanging around this summer!

Pest birds cause a unique set of problems for businesses in the summertime. For starters, their droppings can carry diseases that are harmful to humans, including avian flu, E. coli, Salmonella, and more. These droppings can also make a huge mess and pose a slipping hazard for both customers and employees. In addition to being dangerous and unsightly, these droppings can actually cause erosion problems for your building — bird droppings alone are reason enough to want to keep them away from your business!

Pest birds can cause more problems than just leaving their droppings around your property, however; they can also have a negative impact on business by damaging vegetation, eating grass seeds, and damaging water embankments; in fact, all it takes is one large group of birds to ruin your landscaping! These birds may also get into dumpsters or trash bins and spread garbage all around your property while searching for food. Lastly, birds are loud and annoying and can actually drive customers away from your business with their loud squawking!

The negative repercussions of a pest bird invasion are surely something that no business owner wants to deal with. If you are seeing pest birds around your property, don’t worry; we can help! The professionals at Big Blue Bug Solutions are experts at safely and effectively eliminating pest bird problems from your property. We will work with you to remove flocks of pest birds as well as their nests. A large portion of our service is dedicated to the implementation of pest bird prevention strategies to keep them from invading your business in the future; these strategies include removing food sources, installing bird screens, and eliminating nesting spots. Once our initial service is complete, we will continue to monitor monthly for any signs of the birds returning to make sure that your bird problem remains under control. If there are any signs of birds returning, we will take care of it right away! The professionals at Big Blue Bug Solutions are here to help keep your business free of pest birds this summer. Contact us today to learn more about our commercial pest control options!