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Why Bed Bugs Love South Portland In The Summer

Bed Bug

Most people think that because the weather can get so cold, there must not be any bed bugs in Maine, but that is not necessarily the case; in fact, there are several factors that allow bed bug populations to thrive in South Portland, especially during the summer season: 1) Bed bugs are very hearty pests and can withstand both very cold and very hot temperatures. 2) They spend most of their time indoors where temperatures remain favorable. 3) Bed bugs can survive for long periods without a blood meal. 4) Bed bugs can travel from place to place on people in several ways, typically on clothing, and luggage. 5) Frequent travel aids in the spread of bed bug infestations.

Due to the factors listed above, bed bugs can be a real cause of concern for South Portland residents. Having a bed bug infestation can be annoying and stressful; these tiny pests look similar to an apple seed in both size and shape and will sneak onto your bed at night to feed on your blood, leaving behind tiny raised red dots that can be extremely itchy. Bed bugs can also feed on your pets, causing them to become itchy and miserable as well. During the day, these biting pests hide in the creases and seams of beds and bedding, but they can also be found hiding in carpets, headboards, wall sockets, tiny cracks, and behind wall hangings.

If you are dealing with a bed bug infestation, you must contact a pest control professional to eradicate the bed bug infestation right away. In the meantime, you can help prevent bed bugs in your home by remaining diligent when traveling, inspecting rooms, being careful not to pick up bed bugs inadvertently, and knowing the signs of an infestation, including a musty odor and tiny dark red dots on bedding and bed clothing. Bed bugs can infest any public place, including theaters, libraries, museums, schools, hospitals, nursing homes, and public transportation. It doesn’t matter whether a place is filthy or very clean; bed bugs will invade anywhere they can find a blood meal!

If you are a homeowner in South Portland, you can count on Big Blue Bug Solutions to eliminate problems with bed bugs as well as any other pest problems that you might be experiencing. Earlier this year we talked about steps you can take after finding bed bug bites, it is very important that each homeowner create a plan for dealing with bed bugs. We also explained that it is important to take care of bed bug problems quickly before they get out of control. To learn more about our bed bug control options, give us a call today.