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Common Signs Of Termite Activity

termites near rhode island home

We’ve previously shared several prevention tips for keeping termites out of your home, but what do you do if termites have already invaded? There are many signs that you may have a termite infestation. Some of these warning signs include: evidence of tunneling, unusual, sounds in your walls, piles of material that looks like sawdust, and discarded insect wings. If you suspect a termite infestation, act immediately before the damage can get any worse. New England’s termite experts at Big Blue Bug Solutions can help you reclaim your home from these “silent destroyers”.

Termite Warning Signs

Let’s take a closer look at some of the signs of termite activity mentioned above and what they mean:

  • Seeing actual termites is, of course, the best indication you have a termite problem. If you spot termites in or around your home, it is important to call a pest control professional immediately.
  • Termites move from one part of the colony to the other by tunneling. Seeing these tunnels in and around your home is a sign of a termite invasion; finding sawdust piles at the base of your home's foundation, around wooden decks, and in basements or attics are also signs that termites have established a colony in your home and have begun tunneling.
  • Finding discarded termite wings around your home means that it is very likely that termites have chosen your home to establish their colony in, as swarming termites only shed their wings after they’ve left the original colony, mated, and established a new colony.
  • If you hear sounds in the wall, or notice buckling in the floors or walls, you have a large colony of termites established inside your home.

Rid Your Home Of Termites

Attempting DIY methods to eliminate termites is never a good idea, as this may actually make your termite problem worse; the professionals at Big Blue Bug Solutions, however, are experts in ridding homes of pesky termites. We will come to evaluate your situation and provide tips about fixing your home as well as how to reduce the risk of future termite infestations. Our professionals will work to rid your home of termites as well as treat the soil around your home with a product that termites can’t detect that will eliminate both them and their colony.

We guarantee our work and offer a termite warranty; you can rest assured that we will eliminate any termites in and around your home. Contact us to learn more about our termite control options!