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How To Avoid Carpenter Ant Damages In South Portland

carpenter ant up close

Here in Maine, we don’t really have to worry about termites. This is great, but it doesn’t mean we are “out of the woods.” Unfortunately, we do have carpenter ants, which are also wood-destroying pests. These ants can actually cause just as much damage as termites. The only difference is that unlike termites, carpenter ants do not feed on the wood. They use the wood to create their nests and tunnels to travel through.

Carpenter ant workers are about 1/8th to a 1/2 an inch in length and you’ll usually notice that the majority of the ones you find in your home are all black. However, they can be red, black or a combination of both. Generally, they are not dangerous in an immediate sense: they don’t really bite and are not venomous. If they have invaded your home, you’ll probably notice small holes in the wooden structures of your home and a small pile of sawdust just below the opening. These holes are how the ants get into their nest, which is deep down in the wood, or how they rid their tunnels of refuse. This is where carpenter ants become dangerous: they tunnel through the wood so much that they can actually ruin the integrity of the wood and as a result, the structure of your home is weakened. If not detected and taken care of as soon as possible, it may become unsafe to live in. 

It’s quickly becoming that time of year when South Portland residents may begin to see more and more carpenter ants hanging around. That means that it’s time to practice some prevention to help keep as many away as possible. As a homeowner, there are a few tricks that you can do to try to prevent them. For starters, you can make sure all food sources are eliminated by storing food in airtight containers, properly storing garbage, and cleaning up spills and crumbs. You should fix any ripped screens or openings that are around pipes and vents. Additionally, seal off even the smallest of entry points such as expansion joints, cracks in the foundation, and gaps around windows and doors.

Because it’s so important to take care of carpenter ant issues right away, you should contact Big Blue Bug Solutions at the first sign of an infestation. It can be very difficult to get rid of carpenter ants in the home. In order to do so, the source of the infestation must be found and the entire colony must be eliminated. If not done very carefully, there is a chance they can make their way back in and re-infest. Our experienced technicians combined with our effective treatments make for an unstoppable team. We believe in our system so much that we provide a one-year carpenter ant warranty to our customers. We can also provide year-round home protection with the help our pest control programs. If you're looking for help controlling carpenter ants (or other bothersome pests) through prevention and elimination, contact us at Big Blue Bug Solutions today!