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Problems Bats Cause In South Portland Homes

bats on a wood floor

Bats are a common threat in the fall in the greater Portland area. At dusk, you may see them flying overhead and swooping down to grab a tasty meal of mosquitoes and other backyard bugs. For this reason, they can seem kind of helpful. However, they can get inside your home and cause danger to your family and problems to your home. It’s important to call a professional pest control expert to deal with bats or any other wildlife problem you have in your home right away.

Bats in the Fall

While bats can be problematic all through the spring and summer, they can become an issue in the fall for reasons that you might not think. Bats hibernate for the winter so, as the weather turns, they begin looking for a warm place to overwinter. In the fall they may start making a home in your attic, chimney, eaves, or even your basement if they can get inside.

Bats Getting Inside

Bats are small and can easily get inside your South Portland home in a variety of ways. They can fly into your chimney, get in through cracks in your eaves, and even go through an open window. If your home isn’t properly sealed, whether it has crumbling mortar between chimney bricks or holes that squirrels or other pests created, they can easily find their way in.

Dangers Bats Cause

Bats can pose a variety of dangers to your family. The most dangerous problem is biting someone and transmitting rabies. While this is relatively rare, it is very serious. In addition, bats can carry other diseases in their droppings. Their guano is dangerous to humans and should be avoided. Bats can also be carriers for other pests such as ticks which can cause their own host of problems. Structurally, Bats can cause damage as they fly in and out of your home.

Calling a Professional

Bats carry too many diseases and are just too unpredictable and too difficult to catch to remove them yourself. At Big Blue Bug Solutions, our trained professionals know how to attract and trap bats safely and effectively. We have been dealing with nuisance wildlife for over 75 years and can help keep your South Portland home free from bats.

Contact us to help you with preventing and ridding your home of bats today.