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What To Do If Ticks Are Still Biting Around Your Maine Home
tick on a finger

We all know that ticks can cause health problems for our pets and our family members. As we head into late fall we might start to relax on our “tick checks” because we think we are finally safe from the danger’s that ticks pose as they die off for the winter. Unfortunately, ticks are still out and can get inside our Maine homes. We need to remain diligent.

What Problems do Ticks Pose?

Ticks can cause problems from the benign to the serious. At a minimum, ticks can cause itchy red bites in both pets and humans. If those bites are scratched to relieve the itching, secondary infections can occur. Most of the time, this is not a worry. The more troublesome danger that ticks pose is the transmission of tick-borne illnesses such as Lyme disease or Rocky Mountain spotted fever which can cause serious long-term illness.

Why Are Ticks Still Out?

Ticks can remain active in fairly cold weather, so they can continue causing problems into late fall and even early winter. If the temperature is above freezing many ticks will continue to feed and can be found staying warm in your leaf piles. If ticks have a warm host that they are attached to, they can continue to stay active even longer. Most ticks do not die off. They find ways to overwinter.

How Do Ticks Get Inside?

Ticks, like many other small bugs, can crawl right inside your home through cracks, under doors, around windows, and anywhere there is a tiny opening. Most likely though, they hitch a ride in on a rodent or your pet. If your dog likes to roll around in your leaf piles or your outdoor cat likes to take cat naps in the tall grass, they are susceptible to picking up ticks. Rodents who seek shelter inside in the cold weather can easily bring ticks inside with them.

Why Get Professional Tick Treatment?

It’s impossible on sight to tell which ticks are carrying diseases and which are not, which is why it’s imperative to try to avoid getting bitten at all. We almost always protect our pets from fleas and ticks through the recommendation of our vet. Protection of our families is no different. The professionals at Big Blue Bug Solutions recommend protecting your South Portland home from ticks by utilizing our mosquito and tick treatment plans. We can greatly reduce the breeding sites and number of ticks on your property which decreases your chances of getting bitten by ticks. Call us today to begin protecting your family.