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Why New England Businesses Need Fall Pest Protection


Rats, mice, cockroaches, termites, skunks, flies, and raccoons. These are some of the pests that start seeking shelter when the temperatures begin plummeting this month in New England, and your business is not the place you want them to find shelter. A single pest sighting or sign of infestation is all it takes to negatively impact your company’s reputation or even shut it down completely. Here are some of the problems that common pests cause for businesses.

Insects, rodents, and other wildlife often gain access to commercial facilities from rooftop vents and HVAC units. As fall and winter approach, animals that are seeking shelter will be attracted to businesses with ample food and water supply. Since many food service industries store and serve food products, pests are attracted to food supplies that may not be stored properly, or prep areas that are not kept clean. Raccoons, bats, and squirrels look for spaces in which to nest, and in storage facilities that lie undisturbed for long periods, they find numerous opportunities to take up residence. Rats and mice are attracted to similar areas. You don't need to spot the animal to have a problem - simply observing rat or mouse droppings in the area is proof enough, and could shut your business down, damaging your credibility and affecting your wallet.

Insects such as the American cockroach generally live outdoors, but will move indoors as temperatures fall. They like to hide in spaces such as bathroom and kitchen drains, food storage areas, behind appliances, and garbage dumpsters. Cockroaches harbor food-contaminating bacteria on their bodies and have even been known to spread Salmonella. When cockroaches shed their skin or leave excrement behind, the residue can cause severe asthma attacks in sensitive individuals.

Carpenter ants and termites are insects that can cause serious structural damage to your building. They, too, are seeking shelter from the harsher elements brought on by the change of seasons, and are not simply “harmless little bugs.” Although most of these insects hide behind objects and within the crevices of your business, they leave plenty of visible evidence behind and should be eliminated immediately.

Big Blue Bug Solutions has been providing effective commercial pest control throughout New England for decades. We are here to protect your business with customized pest protection plans that can include monthly maintenance services. Your business is your profession, and our profession is pest control. Call us today for a personalized solution to your commercial pest control problem.