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Preparing For Fall And Winter Bed Bug Activity

bed bug in rhode island home

No matter what weather is outside, cold or hot, bed bugs are on the go and can survive, indoors, all year round. Fall is the prime time for them to enter homes and, not only because it is warm inside, but we tend to be fairly active during this time of year so they have ample opportunity to find their way in. These pests don’t die off or hibernate so they’ll remain active once they find a nice home to take up residence in.

The key to bed bugs is to use prevention methods to keep them from infesting your home. There are a few things you can be aware of to accomplish this. For example, a common place to pick up bed bugs is in hotel rooms. When staying in a hotel room, carefully inspect the room prior to moving your belongings into it. It’s a common misconception that bed bugs live in unclean places. They can be found in very clean environments, including 5-star hotels. Make sure to keep your clothes in your suitcase until you put them on and store your suitcase high off the floor. Suitcases are great for bed bugs to catch a ride to your home. When you return home, wash your clothes on high settings as soon as they are unpacked. When bringing used furniture into your home or even clothing bought from stores, inspect it carefully as bed bugs are pretty good at finding a ride on many of these items. Even laundromats are capable of spreading bed bugs. Instead of bringing your clothes to the laundromat in an open laundry basket use a closed bag.

 It’s good to familiarize yourself with what bed bugs look like in order to identify them. These pests are small. Adults are up to a quarter of an inch, but nymphs can be very tiny, anywhere from 1.3mm to 4mm. They are oval in shape with flat bodies. This changes once they’re engorged, bed bugs will become swollen and elongated after feeding. Even their color can change slightly, which is mostly a reddish brown. Bed bugs are a cringe-worthy pest. Being nocturnal, it’s common for them to hang around where you sleep to have their meal. They’ll leave clusters of bites on humans and pets that will result in red, itchy welts. While it’s comforting to keep in mind that bed bugs aren’t known to spread diseases, this doesn’t change the fact they’re an unwanted pest that doesn't belong in your home, let alone in your bed while you sleep.

 What if you already have an infestation? There are some signs bed bugs leave behind that will give away their presence. The easiest sign is to actually observe the bugs themselves. Or you may notice bed bug bites on yourself or family members. Tiny black spots on your mattress may be a sign, as well as tiny spots of blood on your sheets or clothing. The cast-off skins of bed bugs may also be found around the house. If you notice any signs, the most effective way to handle bed bugs is to contact a professional pest control company.

 Bed bug infestations are on the rise in Rhode Island and other parts of New England. Big Blue Bug Solutions offers bed bug control solutions to help eliminate and prevent these pests.

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