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How Flies Get Inside New England Homes And Businesses

drain in a commercial kitchen

We often think of flies as nothing more than annoying pests. Somehow they get into our New England homes, buzz around our heads, show up when we’re eating dinner, and are nearly impossible to squash. Because they’re such nuisances, it is easy to forget that, in certain circumstances, they can be more than a simple annoyance; they can be harmful.

Take house flies, for example. They have been shown to spread over 30 bacterial and protozoan diseases including conjunctivitis, pinworm, tuberculosis, and dysentery. They do so by collecting pathogens on their legs and bodies, then depositing them on your food or food-prep surfaces. Not only can they be dangerous for your health, but in commercial instances, they can be bad for your business. A fly infestation is not only disgusting, and may drive customers away, but if they end up contaminating the food you sell and making customers sick, it could mean the end of your business.

If you want to keep flies away from your home or business, first you need to know how they’re getting in. Flies look for food sources and safe places to breed. If they find them in your home or business, you’ll end up with a problem.

Different types of flies prefer different types of foods. But some of the foods preferred include meat, animal carcasses, garbage, excrement, fruit, decaying vegetation, and fermenting liquids.

While it’s relatively easy to keep these things under wraps by frequently removing garbage, keeping fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator, and throwing away food that is over-ripe or starting to go bad, there may be one way you’re attracting flies without realizing it.

Your sink drain is the perfect breeding ground for flies. Not only do little bits of food settle inside it and decay, which makes it an ideal food source, but those bits of food also grow bacteria and fungus, which draws flies in and makes it an ideal place to breed.

Dirty drains can quickly become a hotbed for fly eggs that soon hatch. Eventually, the adult flies emerge from the drain, carrying with them all the bacteria within the drain.

In order to prevent or eliminate a fly infestation, it’s important to keep your drains clean. Big Blue Bug Solutions offers professional drain-cleaning services that not only combats the flies you’re having trouble with, but also the accompanying odors and sanitation issues that arise from those flies.

Our treatment plans are effective and environmentally friendly. We have several different options available depending on your needs. Our most popular plan includes quarterly drain cleanings in which we also thoroughly clean the surrounding equipment.

Don’t wait for a fly infestation to affect your home life or your business reputation. Call Big Blue Bug Solutions today to discuss the best plan for you.