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Why Year-Round Pest Control Is The Best Way To Prevent Carpenter Ants


Most of us probably think that ants are just ants—they all look kind of the same, they all are a nuisance, they all live outside, and are only a problem during the spring and summer. But this isn’t the case. It is true that most ants look similar, and that they are all extremely annoying when they invade our property, but what isn’t true is that ants are just a spring and summer problem for South Portland homeowners. Carpenter ants are a year-round concern because they have the unique ability to live inside our homes during the winter.

While this ability is helpful for carpenter ants, it is unfortunate for homeowners. If they can find a food source inside they can continue to chew galleries and tunnels through the wooden structures of your home. When they do this, they weaken the integrity of the wood, causing serious and expensive problems that will need to be repaired. If they do find a food source, for example, open containers of food or trash, they can contaminate food products and become a health issue on top of all of the physical damage they cause.

Prevention is important when it comes to all ants, but it is even more crucial when it comes to carpenter ants. If you want to avoid an infestation this upcoming winter, there are a few tips that will lower your chances of these destructive pests getting inside. First, you’ll want to seal off any small entry points to your home such as cracks in your foundation, minor holes in screens, gaps around doors, etc. Second, because carpenter ants are drawn to water-damaged wood, you should assess your home for water damage and replace any wood that has been affected by moisture. Third, properly store all food items and do your best to keep trash out of the home. Lastly, keep a generally clean home including cleaning up any food or drink spills as soon as possible.

The only way to guarantee that these pests won’t use your home as a shelter for the winter is to enlist the help of your local pest control professionals. For residents of South Portland, Big Blue Bug Solutions is the place to call! Our experienced technicians know the ins and outs of carpenter ant behavior and habits and can completely eradicate an infestation as well as prevent one in the future. Pests that are a problem year-round need a year-round solution. To find out more about our Home Owner's Policy and how we can protect your home from carpenter ants, as well as other invasive pests, contact Big Blue Bug Solutions today.