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Why you Should Consider Using Clo2bber For Your Portland Commercial Business


The importance of keeping commercial facilities clean and germ-free can’t be overstated. Having a healthy facility means healthy employees and customers and also safe products, which translates into good business. But there are a million products and services out there, so which one should you buy?

Enter Clo2bber

The best product on the market for commercial disinfection is sold right here in New England by Big Blue Bug Solutions: Clo2bber. Clo2bber gets is name from our patented chlorine dioxide (Clo2) solution and from the fact that it will knock out germs and bacteria the same way a boxing great knocks opponents out of the ring.

How It Works

Clo2bber isn’t like other disinfectants. It exists as a gas, whether in the air or water, giving it a leg up in the fight against microscopic bacteria. While other products rely on breaking through the cell walls of germs, Clo2bber "breathes” into cells, bypassing the germ's defenses altogether.

Clo2bber Ideal For Several Reasons:

  • It acts faster. Seeping gases work more quickly than simple liquid solutions, both for disinfection and sterilization. 
  • It kills germs more thoroughly by skirting defenses and immunities that germs can develop into a product.
  • Clo2bber is a product you can rely on for repeated use. Since other products allow bacteria to form immunities, they essentially become useless over time.
  • It’s Safe: Clo2bber doesn’t react with other cleaning products, like bleach or ammonia, so you don’t have to worry about how our product will interfere with the other solutions you already use in your facility.
  • It’s Effective: Clo2bber not only kills germs quicker than the competition, but it also works in more instances. It can kill microbes in water and over a wide pH range, so germs can’t escape.
  • It’s Environmentally Friendly: You don’t have to worry about special disposal of the product or its packaging. The gas is also not harmful to the ozone layer.

Why It’s Needed

If you have a commercial business, you know why it’s important to keep environments clean. Product safety is key, especially for restaurants and those in the hospitality business. One sick customer can result in a loss of reputation, or worse, a shutdown of business by health authorities. Not only is customer safety key, but also that of your employees as well. Reduce sick days by regularly disinfecting workspaces and buildings.

Experts in the field will tell you that other problems can quickly turn into nightmares if bacteria, viruses, fungi, or spores are present in a business building. A simple rodent or insect infestation can act as a catalyst for the spread of these harmful compounds since pests are perfect breeding grounds and traffickers of diseases and toxins. They crawl all over surfaces in search of food and water, and they can enter a building through the smallest hole or crack. This means that newly cleaned surfaces can quickly be contaminated if an infestation breaks out.

Trust Big Blue Bug

In short, we know what it takes to be thorough and to give you peace of mind. With over 80 years of experience with commercial facility inspection and disinfection, Big Blue Bug is thorough, efficient, and effective. That’s why we created this product, so everyone can have access to professional-grade cleaning solutions, at a fraction of the price.

Don’t rely on subpar solutions that will only lead to more headaches down the line, choose Clo2bber for the industry leader in commercial sanitation. Call the professionals at Big Blue Bug Solutions for more information about Clo2bber and to schedule service at (888) 411-5699.