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Problems Silverfish Cause Inside New England Homes

silverfish in new england home

Are you finding silverfish on your bathroom floor? It isn't surprising. Silverfish are a common pest problem in New England, and bathrooms are commonplace when they're seen. But your bathroom is not the only place those insects will hang out. They can be found in any room that has enough humidity. If you see them in your bathroom, it is a good idea to seek help from a pest control professional, as these pests can cause some problems we do not generally think about.

Do you like a good book? So do silverfish, only they don't read books, they eat them. They are particularly fond of the glue that is used in the binders of books. This could be a problem if you like knowing how a story ends. If you haven't crossed over to reading books on a digital device, silverfish might ruin your day fairly quickly.

Do you like to pull out your old photos and take a trip down memory lane? If you have physical photos, silverfish could devour those memories. They nibble on old photos. If your photos are digitally stored in the cloud, you're probably safe.

Do you have wallpaper on your walls? In the future, you may be able to buy digital wallpaper that you can instantly change to the colors and patterns you want for the day. But, until you replace old wallpaper with new high-tech digital wallpaper, silverfish can be a threat. They feed on the glue that holds your wallpaper on the wall.

Do you have clothes? That's probably a silly question. Well, those clothes can be a meal for silverfish. If you have a clothing item that has sentimental or historical value, these insects could damage them.

Silverfish are also pantry pests. Their search for starches to feed on can sometimes lure them into pantries and kitchen food-storage areas. While they're not known to spread harmful bacteria or diseases, it is less than savory to find silverfish in your foods. Food items that are stored in cardboard or paper are particularly vulnerable, silverfish attack because they nibble on the packaging.

If you're seeing silverfish, keep in mind that the team at Big Blue Bug Solutions is here to help you get rid of them. Solving pest problems is what we do. In fact, we have almost a century of experience. Let our experience work for you. Schedule a free inspection to get started.