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What To Do If Holiday Visitors Brought Bed Bugs With Them

bed bug up close

The winter holidays are so much fun and bring us closer to family and friends every year. It’s such a wonderful time of year. We enjoy traveling, shopping, cooking, and hosting parties and feasts for family and friends.

 However, in the midst of all of the holiday festivities, or even after the holidays have ended, bed bugs can spring up around your home. Unbeknownst to you, these bed bugs have hitchhiked to your home by way of guests or family members. Although bed bugs are not generally harmful, these tiny pests can cause a lot of stress and anxiety, and they may leave uncomfortable bite marks on their victims' skin.

How Bed Bugs Infest Homes

Bed bugs don’t mind if your humble abode is white glove clean, messy, or downright dirty, they only care about finding a warm host to feed on. People transport bed bugs from place to place in different ways.

Bed bugs easily travel to and fro on shoes, coats, clothing, bags, packages, and other personal belongings.

They can be picked up in private homes, hotels, libraries, theaters, nursing homes, hospitals, and all forms of public transportation. They go wherever people go in order to breed and survive.

Bed bugs prefer to infest bedrooms where they can easily feast while you are sleeping at night. Don’t be fooled though, bed bugs can infest other rooms and furniture as well.

Identifying a Bed Bug Infestation

There are a few signs that will alert you of a pending infestation. Here are some things to look for: 

Why DIY Methods Don't Work

Eradicating bed bugs on your own can be a difficult and daunting task. These DIY methods usually won’t get rid of the entire bed bug problem, as bed bugs are tolerant to wide range of temperatures. They are good at hiding in the dark recesses of homes where people can’t find them. It is best to leave bed bug control to the professionals, who can guarantee results.

Securing Pest Control Services

The first thing homeowners in South Portland, Maine, should do if bed bugs have invaded their home, is to schedule a professional bed bug inspection and treatment through Big Blue Bug Solutions. We have been providing effective and responsible bed bug solutions to residents for over 80 years.

Give us a call and allow our experienced technicians to get to work removing your bed bug infestation. Our guaranteed services can take away the stress bed bugs cause so you can get back to enjoying home and property.