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Benefits Of Professional Flea Treatments For New England Homes And Properties
a full grown adult flea  spreading our from its colony as in invades the hairy skin of a new england resident

Fleas are invading lawns across New England this time of year and they are difficult to treat alone. Those hopping, tiny pests are elusive and resistant to many treatments. Professional flea treatment is not only effective but is far superior to DIY methods. If you have a flea infestation in your New England-area home or property you should contact Big Blue Bug Solutions Immediately.

Why are fleas invading now?

Like many pests, fleas thrive in warmer weather. They are dependent on other critters to survive. As rodents and family pets start running around outdoors, fleas have it made, hitching rides and finding tasty meals. 

Do you need to worry if you don’t have pets?

We tend to think of fleas as something that affects cats and dogs. However, fleas are parasitic pests that will attach themselves to a variety of wildlife. If you have rats or mice, squirrels, chipmunks, or other rodents getting into your home, fleas can come with them.

Why don’t DIY methods work?

Fleas can lay thousands of eggs in their lifetime. You may try all that you can to eliminate fleas - from flea bombs to vacuuming, to washing everything and using flea collars on your pets. However, even one flea left behind can start the cycle all over again.

How does professional flea treatment work?

Professional pest control doesn’t just treat your current flea infestation. We look at your entire home and property and try to prevent flea-carrying pests from getting inside your home. We focus on prevention, treatment, and follow-up with the homeowner as our partner.

Why should homeowners call Big Blue Bug Solutions?

With over 80 years in the pest control industry, Big Blue Bug Solutions are experts at ridding New England properties of fleas. With our Home Owner’s Policy, you are protected year-round from common pests, including fleas. Three times a year we treat your home and property with our blue glove service. When treating specifically for fleas we help you prepare your home and work with you on a follow-up plan to keep you and your pets flea free.  Contact Big Blue Bug Solutions if you suspect a flea problem on your New England-area property or home.