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Dodging the German Cockroach in Portland

a golden german cockroach crawling along a south portland maine kitchen counter

German cockroaches are the smallest and most common home-invading cockroaches. They also often infest restaurants, hotels, food-processing plants and anywhere food can be found. Most cockroaches are nocturnal and depend on humans to survive. It’s dangerous to have German cockroaches on your property. Their creepy appearance is enough for you to want them gone but the way they transmit bacteria is dangerous. Cockroaches are not a pest to deal with on your own. In Portland, you can have cockroaches eliminated by contacting Big Blue Bug Solutions.

Behaviors of the German Cockroach

German cockroaches are semi-social in that they like to congregate. They spend most of their time hiding in cracks and crevices. It’s likely if you spot one German cockroach, there may be hundreds more in the walls, crawl spaces, behind outlets, under furniture, in the trash, or any moist area. German cockroaches prefer high heat and humidity and for that reason are plentiful in the summer or in well-heated homes and businesses in winter. They are often found under sinks, in drains, around bathtubs and in laundry rooms where moisture is high. German cockroaches can reproduce quickly and are known to protect their eggs.

Dependence on Humans

German cockroaches are often dependent upon humans. They love us for our trash and food waste. We provide them tasty meals and great places to hide. They are nocturnal and generally become active when we are not, making us great roommates.

Origins of Cockroaches  

If you look at studies and the history of German cockroaches you will find conflicting information about their origins. One thing is certain, they did not originate in Germany as their name suggests. It’s likely they came from Southeast Asia while the Asian cockroach likely originated in East Asia in Japan.  

Telling the Difference  

While similar looking to Asian cockroaches, it’s rare to find Asian cockroaches in Portland. They are known to inhabit Florida and other southern states. To the naked eye, you might only be able to tell the difference between Asian and German cockroaches by their head shape, with the German cockroach having a more hidden-looking head. If you see one flying, it is likely an Asian cockroach as German cockroaches can’t fly.

Dangers of German Cockroaches

German cockroaches can spread bacteria all over the surfaces of a home. Their natural behaviors make them at home in trash, drains, and sewers where their legs and abdomens pick up bacteria. They can contaminate your family with strep, staph, and salmonella bacteria. Some people have allergy and asthma attacks when cockroaches are present.

Eliminating Cockroaches

Don’t waste your time with ineffective toxic chemical sprays. They can harm your family and make the infestation worse. German cockroaches and their eggs have developed resistance to certain pesticides. The professionals at Big Blue Bug Solutions have trusted methods for keeping your home free from cockroaches, including year-round pest protection plans.

Contact us today to learn how to keep German cockroaches from being a problem in your Portland-area home.