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Why Portland Is The Perfect Place For Wildlife Creatures


Portland, ME is the perfect place for hiking and outdoor activities due to our nature trails, marshes, pine forests, and rural parkland. Our location offers an environment that not only brings tourists for year-round bird watching but is also an inviting area for wildlife. 

Is This Property Available?

Some things will attract wildlife to your property—mainly food, water, and shelter. If your property provides them access to water and food, they will be more likely to set up residence there. When they decide the weather isn’t tolerable, they may even attempt to come inside. While most people enjoy having pets, wildlife are not pets, and they can do more damage when trying to get inside your home than a cat or dog will do trying to get outside to chase them away. There are some steps you can take to deter wildlife from your home and property so that, hopefully, they will not stay.

How Can You Avoid Attracting Wildlife to Your Property?

Below are a few helpful tips that may help keep wildlife out of your Portland home.

  • Do not feed any of the wildlife on your property. Wild animals need to find a reliable food source to survive, and by feeding them, you take away their natural ability to forage. Plus, you may attract animals that can cause damage to your home, or bring other problems such as ticks to your property.
  • While squirrels are cute, they do a lot of harm when they get inside your attic or the walls of your home. Place bird feeders in a place where only birds have access to them—not squirrels.
  • Avoid using birdbaths on your property because wildlife also needs water to survive.
  • Keep pet food and water indoors or it may attract hungry animals.
  • Keep outdoor trash covered securely with tight-fitting lids. If your home or property becomes a food source for wildlife, they will keep returning.
  • Install chimney caps, and door sweeps to keep invaders out.
  • Cover soffits and vents with heavy-duty screening to keep wildlife out.
  • Cut back tree limbs and bushes from your home.
  • Store firewood away from your home.
  • Do not allow debris, leaf, and brush piles to accumulate in your yard.
  • These tips should help keep wildlife on your property. But if you still have a problem, give Big Blue Bug Solutions a call.

How We Can Help

Fences won’t keep wildlife from getting into your yard, but we can help make sure they don’t get into your house or help remove them if they do. At Big Blue Bug, we offer solutions to your wildlife problems by providing professional wildlife management services. If you have a problem with wildlife getting into your home or attic, for safety reasons, it is best to have an expert remove the animal. Call Big Blue Bug Solutions to schedule a free wildlife inspection today.