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Four Quick Tips To Keep Cockroaches Out Of Your Worcester Home

german cockroach on a rock

There are a number of reasons residents should be proactive about cockroach control in Worchester. For one, these bugs are gross and startling. They can come out of nowhere, or fly and swoop down on you. Two, they spread diseases and some species destroy property.

Cockroaches harbor bacteria, picking up germs as they crawl in the trash and in other filthy places. Once they get into food packages and on surfaces, they contaminate it. As a result, humans can contract illnesses. And cockroaches rapidly reproduce. If you don’t do what you can to prevent them, you can have a big problem very quickly.

American, German, and Oriental cockroaches are common in Worcester. Learn now how to identify them, and ward them off with these four tips. Also, you can gain insight into what Big Blue Bug Solutions has to offer for extermination.

  • Oriental roaches have reddish-brown or black bodies that are 63/64 of an inch long. They surround drains and pipes.
  • German roaches vary in size from 33/64 to ⅝ of an inch long. They have black, horizontal stripes on their tan or brown bodies. Their young are black.
  • American roaches are reddish-brown and max at about two inches long. Behind their heads is a yellow band. They run particularly fast.

Tip #1: Pay Attention to Your Property’s Structure & Environment 

Cockroaches can enter properties through the smallest of holes. Cracks and crevices in foundations, walls, and utility lines should be sealed. The same goes for the areas around doors and windows. And attach sweeps to all exterior doors. Many roach species thrive around humidity and moisture. If you have issues in these areas, resolve them.

Tip #2: Clean Up

No one enjoys chores, but they are necessary to keep roaches out. You can cut off their food source by washing dishes and taking out the trash regularly. Food and garbage should be put in airtight containers. Wipe up any spills and crumbs immediately. Roaches will eat just about anything and can survive on very little. Cockroaches tend to hang out in boxes, bags, furniture, and electronics. Items like this should be checked before bringing them inside, especially if they are second-hand. Further, it’s important to keep clutter down.

Tip #3: Take Care of Your Lawn

Several classes of roaches inhabit and/or feed on organic matter, like plants and wood. American cockroaches are an example. Logs, trees, flowerbeds, and mulch drive them wild. Be sure to trim your lawn frequently, and groom all greenery. Gardens and shrubbery should be at least two feet from your front door. Remove debris from your yard.

Tip #4: Don’t Try Roach Extermination on Your Own; Call Big Blue Bug Solutions

Here’s why independent roach elimination methods are a problem:

  • Retail insecticides: Most are intended to kill individual roaches and won’t eliminate an infestation. And they can easily be misapplied because of confusing instructions or pest misidentification.
  • Mixtures and substances: Blending chemicals can result in lethal gases and effects. Potent products like diatomaceous earth and boric acid are dangerous to breathe in. 
  • Natural “cures:” The idea that coffee grounds, lemon, bay leaves, and other things will work on roaches is only partly true. They may have some effect but it is minimal.

Big Blue Bug Solutions has advanced, industrial strength equipment and products that will completely take out roaches. Our plans are affordable and come with recurring maintenance visits. Our award-winning team is licensed, insured, and attends seminars regularly. No doubt, you’ll receive competent and quality service when you partner with Big Blue. Start with a free inspection. Call us today!