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What You Can Do To Keep Wasps Out Of Your Providence Yard

a paper wasp in its nest

Hanging out in your Providence yard can be a fun and relaxing thing to do. You can get some fresh air, listen to music while you lay out in the sun or have a barbecue, or maybe play a badminton game. The kicker is that tons of pests will greet you when you hit the grass. Some will simply annoy you as they flutter around. Others pose a great risk to your well-being, your property, or the state of your lawn. Wasps are bugs that can cause you harm. They have stingers and carry venom, which could mean a trip to the hospital for you. If you learn about common species in Providence, you’ll know how to prevent them.

What Wasps Are Common in Providence? What Are The Risks?

Paper wasps are quite prevalent in Providence. These stinging insects are around an inch long, and their brown bodies have black wings and yellow markings. Though physically similar to bees, these wasps have elongated, slim, and narrow frames. Window sills, door frames, roof eaves, and foundation voids are all sheltered places where they may settle in. If you see just one, be on alert. An infestation is probably brewing. At the very least, a nest is nearby. 

When these wasps slip inside a home, it is usually through an open window or door. Cracks and crevices in the building also provide entry points. To create their homes, they use their saliva to meld plant material together. It resembles paper when it dries, which is where their name originates. The shell will appear thick in texture; you likely won’t be able to see the interior. The overall shape will be akin to an umbrella, which is why they are occasionally called “umbrella wasps.” Their nesting technique is one thing that separates the species from other stinging creatures.

One major pro and one major con relate to wasps. On the pro side, wasps keep the environment balanced and stable with their pollination and insect-feeding activities. The con side is that if they sting you, it will be painful. Skin redness and inflammation will follow. You could have an allergic reaction to their venom, which may be mild or intense. Moreover, these insects sting repeatedly, several times in a matter of seconds. Be advised that this heightens the possibility of a severe bodily response or medical crisis. 

How Do You Prevent Wasps?

You can decrease the chances of a wasp sighting with the following actions:

  • Maintain your plants, flowers, and shrubbery. Keep your grass trimmed.
  • Don’t overplant flowers.
  • Consider planting repellent greenery, such as citronella and eucalyptus.  
  • Place greenery several feet away from your front door.
  • Remove trash and debris from your yard, vents, and gutters.
  • Put garbage in a container with a tight lid.
  • Patios and roof eaves should be kept neat.
  • Remove leftover food from your deck. 
  • Call Big Blue Bug Solutions if you have other pests that wasps consume.

What Can Big Blue Bug Solutions Do About Wasps?

Big Blue Bug Solutions uses specialized, industrial-quality equipment and products to eliminate wasps. We address areas affected by them with repelling and exterminating products that will get them off your lawn for good. The products will be completely safe for vegetation, humans, and pets.

We have received several awards for the professionalism and expertise we’ve demonstrated over the last 80 years. We can’t wait to offer you our beneficial plans that come with warranties and recurring visits. Call today for your free inspection!