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Worcester's Exclusive Spring Pest Prevention Guide


In Worcester, just like many places across the country, spring is a time to celebrate as the sun comes out and winter fades away. While springtime can bring a lot of exciting activities and relief from the cold, it can also bring pests. It won't be long before you start noticing bugs around such as mosquitos, ants, ticks, and more. While pests can be a problem year-round, certain pests are more common in the spring.

Here are some of the common pests in Worcester during springtime:

  • Carpenter ants: These large ants can seem harmless, but they can do a lot of damage as they nest inside wood which can end up costing you lots of money in repairs.
  • Mosquitoes: No one wants to deal with these pests as they are annoying and also can spread diseases. During warm weather, mosquitos become more common, and they are especially attracted to humid areas.
  • Termites: While termites are active year-round, they tend to swarm and become most noticeable starting in March.

What Can Be Done To Prevent Springtime Pests?

As with any time of the year, you don’t want to have pests in your home or business. Dealing with pests can be frustrating. If you have them in your home, it can make it hard to relax and enjoy your space. If you have them in a commercial property it can harm business and be another frustrating problem to have as a business owner.

While it’s not possible to completely prevent pests from getting inside, there are some things you can do to reduce the risk. One of the best ways to avoid springtime pests is to do something many people do when the weather warms up: spring clean.

Many pests are attracted to unclean spaces, and they can make their way inside because of clutter near a building or through the trash. Here are some things to pay attention to when cleaning:

  • Keep kitchens and bathrooms clean.
  • Clean under heavy appliances.
  • Organize food and throw old things away.
  • Use dehumidifiers or fans to dry out humid areas in your home.
  • Remove clutter from your property, especially decaying organic matter.
  • Trim hedges and bushes.
  • Remove water sources from the yard, especially standing water.

These spring cleaning steps can go a long way in reducing the number of pests in your home or business.

A Few More Tips

While spring cleaning both inside and out is a great way to prevent many pests from coming inside, some other prevention methods are effective. These methods require a little more elbow grease, but they can keep many pests out.

Here are a few small home repairs you can do to keep pests out:

  • Fix leaky pipes and faucets
  • Check screens in windows and doors for holes
  • Seal up entry points in the foundation and walls

The Best Way To Prevent Spring Pests

While prevention steps can help, there is no way to entirely prevent pests from becoming a problem. There are also some pests, such as mosquitos, that can be extremely hard to prevent.

If you’re dealing with pests of any kind from ants to termites to spiders, the trained team at Big Blue Bug Solutions can eliminate them safely and efficiently. With over 80 years of experience, we can help both residential and commercial properties stay pest-free.