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Why Professional Pest Control Is A Must For Your Connecticut Home


It doesn't matter what time of year it is. Pests seek to invade Connecticut's homes and properties at all times. When you consider that they can invade in large numbers, this can be a significant problem.

One thing to make note of is that pests are influenced by the seasons. This means the threats they pose shift as the seasons do. One pest may be a concern in the summer while a different one might be the focus during the winter. That's why we're going to take a look at the concerns pests cause in different seasons and the importance of professional pest control in controlling their populations.

Different Seasons Equal Different Concerns

For any living creature, it's all about survival. When the weather turns cold, they seek shelter. When the weather turns warmer, they begin to mate and reproduce. A breakdown of the general behaviors to expect is below:

When spring arrives, the ice and snow melt away, the temperatures get warmer, and plants begin to come alive once again. As this is happening, pests like bees, wasps, flies, termites, and many more begin to awaken from their dormant state. Once fully awakened, they mate and seek food and shelter. While much of this happens outside, some pests desire protection so they will build their nests inside. It is important to get an inspection from a pest professional to locate and remove the nests of stinging insects.

During the summer, pests traditionally stay outside of your home. And some pests like mosquitoes and wasps become much more common during these exceptionally warm months. In addition, other pests like ticks and bees will make their presence known. Inside the house, flies are the most common to invade if you don't take the proper proactive measures.

Once fall sets in, the insect patterns change to seeking shelter. This period requires home maintenance to protect against the mass invasion of spiders, ladybugs, boxelder bugs, and more. Larger pests such as rodents also begin to seek out homes for warmth and shelter. A professional residential pest control plan can head this concern off before it becomes a big problem.

By winter, many pests have established themselves and gone into hibernation. If you have an ongoing pest control service going, this season won't be a concern for you. However, without a pest control plan, you can expect hibernating pests that won't be found until the weather turns warm again.

DIY And Its Drawback

The idea of paying for ongoing professional pest control causes many to balk and seek out DIY methods instead. In fairness, there has been some success with this approach. If there weren't, then DIY pest control wouldn't be such a popular search. However, there are significant flaws and problems associated with this approach:

  • Inconvenient: If you're going to handle pest control yourself, you will have to get down and dirty and seek to find pests where they are. This takes a lot of time and energy that you likely don't have.
  • Case by case: Considering the lack of time you have, it's not surprising that pests may be addressed on a case-by-case basis i.e. only when you see them. This just doesn't work since pests invade in large numbers. By the time you notice them, the infestation may have already grown out of control
  • Incomplete: Despite your best efforts, oftentimes the results are less than satisfactory because DIY methods are incomplete at best. They don't take into account the changing habits associated with seasonal changes.

While we could go on, the most important thing to note when it comes to investing in professional pest control is the time training and access to resources pest experts have. 

Professional Pest Control With Big Blue Bug Solutions

For over 80 years, we have worked to develop pest control solutions that work for Connecticut homeowners. That's why we don’t approach pest control the same way for each case we take on. Instead, we have customized solutions designed for the pests in question such as rodent control, wildlife control, insect control, and more.

In addition to our service plans, we believe in cleanliness, which is why we provide our exclusive Blue Glove Service to ensure the cleanest and safest conditions possible for you and your loved ones. That's all part of our mission to ensure you become and remain pest-free. Reach out to us today to get started.