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Why You Should Call The Professionals About Rodents Around Your Portland Property


With so many online solutions touted as fool-proof methods for rodent removal, and with easy access to rat traps and bait, many people mistakenly think that a rodent problem is one they can handle on their own. For responsible property owners, though, the best and safest route is to turn to the professionals. But first, let's explore how to identify pest problems in your Portland home and look at why you don’t want them to get worse.

Mice Or Rats?

Rodents are extremely territorial, meaning only one variety is likely to move onto a property at a time. The two most common invasive rodents are mice and rats and, while the problems they bring are similar, they have quite different physical traits:


  • Size: Mice are much smaller than an average rat, typically they are only a couple of inches in length. Their long, lightly furred tails are often longer than the rest of their body. 
  • Shape: With a compact size comes a more ball-like shape. Mice also have more triangular snouts than rats.
  • Ears: Ear size is the biggest difference to look for since size can vary widely between pups and fully grown adult rodents. Mice have large, circular ears that sit right atop their heads.


  • Size: Rats are much larger than mice, with some species even growing over a foot in length. 
  • Shape: Rats have more elongated bodies than mice, with large round haunches and long, pointed snouts.
  • Ears: Rat ears are more pinched at the edges than a mouse’s, and they sit further back and to the sides of their heads.

The Dangers Of A Rodent Problem

Rodents are more than just filthy animals to have stinking up your property, they can be hazardous to your health and belongings. Here are just some of the problems that mice or rats can cause:

  • Disease: Mice and rats are known to spread dangerous diseases like plague and salmonella. Even if they aren’t carriers of disease, rodents can be infested with fleas and ticks which also can lead to health problems.
  • Damage: Rodents must chew on hard items to file their front teeth to manageable lengths. They do this on anything and everything, resulting in bite marks on your property.
  • Theft: Not only will rodents look for discarded crumbs and food traces, but they will also plunder cupboards and pantries for bigger scores of food. This loss of food translates to contamination and lost money.

How To Get Rid Of Rodents

While you can undoubtedly get your hands on some store-bought traps or find some cheap and simple rodent solutions touted online, the reality is that pest exterminators exist for a reason: pests are incredibly hard to get rid of. That’s especially true of rodents that breed quickly and can overrun a property in a matter of weeks. With the diseases they spread and the damage they cause, there's no time to waste on something that won’t work. Rather than risk throwing money down the drain on unproven measures, it’s best to start with professional resources that you know will work.

Total Rodent Control From The Pros

At Big Blue Bug Solutions, our staff can provide you with even more helpful tips for how to spot rodents or the signs of an infestation. If you suspect a pest problem, even if you just want a peace-of-mind inspection by one of our experts, Big Blue Bug Solutions has the assistance you need. If rodents are found, you can trust that our solutions will solve the problem rather than just cover it up. More than that, we’ll follow up on our work and make sure the little pests never come back.

Don’t let your property become overrun by damaging and dangerous rodents, turn to Big Blue Bug Solutions right away for superior pest protection.