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What Milford Property Owners Ought To Know About House Fly Control

house fly on food on a plate

Does this situation sound familiar to you? It has been a long day at work and you are exhausted as you walk into your home. Not wanting to make any food you grab something quick and sit down on your couch to watch some tv and relax. It seems like the stresses of the day are behind you. That is until the fly shows up. First, he lands on your tv screen, next he buzzes around your head, then after several attempts by you to kill him, he buzzes away. That is until four minutes later when he comes back and continues the cycle. Given enough time, this behavior can drive even the sanest individuals crazy. To protect your sanity, here are a few things you should know about house fly control.

What Are House Flies?

There is a good chance you have already seen several house flies in your life. They are the 5 to 7 mm long insects with red beady eyes, black bodies, and thin plastic-looking wings. House flies are normally associated with dirty environments, however, they can be anywhere there is an ample amount of food to find. If your trash cans are open, and food is commonly left out around your home, flies will  invade and stick around. Trust us when we tell you, you do not want flies buzzing around your Milford home.

How Dangerous Are House Flies?

The main cause of danger house flies pose is with the bacteria they pick up and carry. This bacteria is capable of leading to some fairly serious diseases including salmonellosis, cholera, conjunctivitis, dysentery, and typhoid fever. Flies most often pick up these sickness vectors as flies crawl over and consume garbage, sewage, and dead animals. When inside, flies will spread bacteria over countertops, kitchen tables, and left out food.

How To Prevent Flies Around Your Home

Flies do love dirty homes. This said, the first place you should start with fly prevention is with a thorough cleaning of your home to remove potential food sources. Make sure when you do this to not neglect beneath furniture, large appliances, and inside other hard to reach places. Keep in mind flies are small and they will look everywhere for food.

 Once your home is clean, your next step should be to make sure its exterior is properly sealed. You can do this by filling in gaps and cracks in your home’s exterior foundation and by replacing or repairing torn window and door screens, worn weather stripping, and damaged door sweeps.

 After all of this, set in place some habits that will make your home less attractive to house flies in general. A few things our experts recommend are to pick up and clean out your pet’s food and water bowls before going to bed, store leftover food inside airtight containers after every meal, and make sure your trash cans have airtight lids.

A Better Way To Keep Out Flies

If you do not have time to prevent house flies on your own or are looking for a simpler and more reliable solution to pests in general, we are here to help. At Big Blue Bug Solutions, we offer many pest control plans designed to fit you and your home’s individual needs. Looking for an economic plan that will fit your budget, we have those as well.

 Give us a call today to find what you are looking for, or to schedule a time to treat your Milford home for house flies.