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Five Easy Tricks To Keep Rats Away From Your Connecticut Home

a rat in the kitchen

It may feel like something out of a horror movie, but if you notice any sign of rats scurrying around in your Connecticut home, the outcome could be only too real. Your warm home has been infiltrated, and things will only get worse without adequate treatment. Rodents such as Norway rats are some of the most frustrating pests to find in the north, partially because of their resistance to pest control, and partially because of their occasional springtime appearances. 

 While other neighboring states are beginning to warm up for the year, residents of the north know that it’s still quite cold up here in Connecticut. This leads to rodents like rats and mice invading any available home in search of a warm night’s sleep. There are a few common descriptors that fit the rats common to our area. The most iconic of these include:

  • Large body frames (sometimes up to an entire foot long when including the tail) 
  • Long, pink, scaly tails that drag behind the animal 
  • Small ears and blunt noses
  • Light squeaking noises when vocalizing

Rodents of all kinds are known to be household homewreckers, primarily due to their ability to spread serious diseases. Rodents can eat just about anything, pick up pathogens just about anywhere, and spread viruses to people just by walking across a surface. If that doesn’t scare you, nothing will! The best way to protect yourself against rat activity in your home is to prevent rodents from choosing your property in the first place.

Factors That Attract Connecticut Rats Into Your Home 

We may not run on four legs or have thick layers of fur on our bodies, but we are not that much different from our rodent enemies. Both of us require certain life factors to be present in the places we choose to live in. Without these factors, we would suffer significantly (or even die).  These shared factors include:  

  • Clean water sources or high levels of humidity 
  • Easily accessible food items 
  • A warm space to protect our families

If your Connecticut home offers any of the above factors, it’s definitely a place rodents will investigate. While not all rat attractant factors will inevitably bring rodents into the home, there are some steps you can take now to mitigate pest scouting efforts. Here are five easy tricks that are proven to keep rats away from Connecticut homes:

  • Store food items in sealed bags or containers. 
  • Keep your trash in heavily lidded bins. 
  • Declutter the home by picking up boxes and throwing away old items that you have no use for. Donate or sell objects that others may have use for. 
  • Reduce moisture levels with a desiccant bag or high-quality dehumidifier. 
  • Seal up cracks around the home that rats could be exploiting for household access.

Let Big Blue Bug Solutions Take Care Of The Rest

There are lots of ways to keep rats from entering your Connecticut home, but there are limited methods of getting them out once they’ve settled in. If you surmise that you may have a rat infestation in your home, the next best step will be to call the professional pest control agency in your area.  

 Professional assistance is the absolute number one way to protect your home and family from rodents. You should also know that the best type of prevention services can only be found here at Big Blue Bug Solutions. We have been serving Connecticut homes and businesses for over 80 years and counting, and are looking forward to adding you to our pest control family. Call us about our residential pest control plans today!