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Spotting Cockroach Problems In Your Worcester Home Before It Is Too Late

cockroach crawling on the pavement

After more than 80 years in the pest control business, the crew at Big Blue Bug Solutions can say that cockroaches are the most devastating pest vectors here in the Worcester area. Cockroaches are fairly common to our corner of the world and are usually easily identified by home and business owners.In most cases, cockroaches are noted for their:  

  • Brown, black, tan, or rust-red exoskeletons 
  • Large folded wings (which may or may not be used to fly) 
  • Six legs with many protrusions for grabbing surfaces 
  • A small head with two straight antennae

There are good news and bad news related to this identifiable pest. The good news: cockroaches are almost impossible to misidentify after they are spotted in the home. The bad news: they are fairly unlikely to be spotted during the day. Roaches are nocturnal pests, meaning that their lives are more or less wrapped around working in the dark. Unless you are a dedicated night owl, or you spend a lot of time in areas where cockroaches may infest, you will not see a roach infestation with your own two eyes. 

 You are much more likely to notice the signs of a cockroach infestation before seeing a vector of your own. Here are a few ways that you might identify a cockroach infestation before it becomes too difficult to handle.

The Signs Of A Worcester Cockroach Infestation

Knowing the habits of a pest species is a great first step towards keeping a roach-free home. Here are a few cockroach signs to be on the lookout for around your Worcester property:

  • Strange droppings that appear to look like brown or black specks in the corner of bedrooms, under kitchen appliances, and around food or water sources. 
  • Smear marks, similar to oil stains or grease trails, along the sides of walls and the bottoms of baseboards.
  • Egg capsules are planted in dark, uninhabited areas of the home. These egg capsules are called ‘ootheca’ by entomologists and are best discovered when shining a flashlight along the sides of walls or along with floors. Ootheca may also be found in wall cracks, inside pipes, or along piles of food waste (think garbage bags). 
  • Shed exoskeletons of cockroaches are usually found in piles or large groupings.  
  • Cockroaches give off a sickly sweet, almost saccharine smell that is easily identified. If a strange smell in your home is giving you a reason to be concerned, talk to your local pest control agency for help. 

Cockroaches can be extremely dangerous residents of your Worcester home and business, and be extraordinarily difficult to get rid of as well. Cockroaches in the home can spread hundreds of bacterial strains and virus precursors, not to mention various unmentionables from bathrooms and garbage bags. If you fear for the worst in your Worcester home, don’t wait until things are too late. Contact Big Blue Bug Solutions for a no-obligation home inspection as soon as possible.

Cockroach Situation? Call Bug Blue Bug Solutions!

It doesn’t take long for cockroaches or their ootheca to spread all over your Worcester home. That’s why the best thing to do after spotting the signs of their activity is to call the professionals at Big Blue Bug Solutions immediately.  

At Big Blue Bug Solutions, we know pests better than anyone. That’s why we are committed to delivering only the highest quality of home visits to homeowners in Worcester and beyond. Book your next visit by calling or messaging our team right away.