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All The Ways Bed Bugs Get Into Portland Homes

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Sleep is arguably the most valuable resource known to man. Without enough of it, we do not function at peak performance. This is why mattress stores exist, to help people find their path of least resistance to a good night’s rest. One thing that commonly works against good sleep is bed bugs. If you have never heard of these pests or are unaware of the problems they cause, we have some things you need to know. Here are all the ways bed bugs get into homes here in Portland and what you should be doing to keep them out of yours.

The Main Way Bed Bugs Get Into Homes

Bed bugs are not like other pests. They do not crawl into homes through cracks, gaps, or open doors. In fact, bed bugs have difficulty living outside for long periods of time. These pests thrive in temperature-controlled environments where a steady source of blood is readily accessible to them. In order to maintain optimal living conditions, bed bugs hitch rides on items that people carry. This could be anything from a book bag to a couch to a toy you found at the thrift store. To break things down even further, here are some situations bed bugs take advantage of to sneak their way into area homes.

Having Family Over For The Holidays

Bed bugs spread a lot like an infection. If one home comes down with them they are likely to spread as homeowners travel. Bed bugs spread more during the holiday season as families travel to visit one another. The kicker is, you don’t have to be hosting this year to have the threat of an infestation. You could bring bed bugs home with you from visiting your family three states over, just from putting your luggage down in the wrong place.

Sending Your Child To School

Bed bugs are always looking for new items to hitch rides on. One item they frequently use to get around is a backpack. If your child attends school and regularly leaves their bag in a locker, on the floor, or in other areas for long periods of time, they run the risk of picking up and bringing home these problematic pests. One way to prevent this is to teach them what bed bugs look like and have them inspect their bag every day before coming home.

Going On Vacation

Hotels, motels, beach houses, and other vacation hubs are all hotspots for bed bug activity. If you plan on traveling, here are a few things we recommend you do before settling into a room.

  • Check bed covers for blood spots or suspicious red staining.
  • Inspect around the room for dots of reddish-black fecal droppings.
  • Use a flashlight to check cracks and crevices for small milky white eggs.
  • Check for living bed bugs. (Bed bugs look like oval-shaped, apple seed-sized brown bugs)
  • Smell the air to see if it is unusually musty.
  • Change rooms if you find any of these warning signs.

What To Do If Bed Bugs Invade Your Home

If you are having trouble sleeping, waking up with bites on your body, and noticing signs of a bed bug infestation around your home, it is time to get a professional involved. To make sure these pests are handled properly, trust the experts at Big Blue Bug Solutions. We use industrial-grade products and advanced pest control procedures to ensure homes in the Portland area find quick freedom from invading species like bed bugs. Call us today to discover your best bed bug control solution to sleep-wrecking pests.