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How To Spot A Termite Problem On Your Connecticut Property

Termite damage in a home

Life in New England can be right out of a postcard, but if you look closer you could discover there may be some wood-destroying organisms even in this part of the country. Knowing how to spot a termite problem on your Connecticut property can provide an advantage. Our trained technicians at Big Blue Bug Solutions can also help residents stay on top of a troublesome pest by answering questions and applying efficient treatments. 

Termites In Connecticut

There are several termites, but residents of the Constitution State may only need to look out for one species in particular: the subterranean termite. This insect may not look too ominous by itself, but these termites can devastate properties and wallets in great numbers. 

Colors range from ivory to deep brown and even to black. Most adults do not surpass 3/8 of an inch in length. Depending on if they are a swarmer, king, queen, or worker, they may or may not have visible wings. A casual observer may even think these pests may resemble ants. 

These termites use their chompers to destroy wood, and while that may be fine in forests, that action can cause massive amounts of damage to personal properties. Sometimes homeowners may not even know that a large colony of these pests exists onsite; they can go unchecked. When that happens, massive amounts of destruction can occur, sometimes resulting in tens of thousands of dollars worth of damage. Whole structures may give way just because of the termite.

The Problems With Termites

One of the main issues with these destructive pests is that they can go on their merry way harming the structure while homeowners have absolutely no idea. Unfortunately, some New Englanders may mistake these pests for ants and feel that a simple pesticide application can send them on their way. 

Termites can live inside the wood where people cannot see, so finding them can be a chore. One of the most important ways to stay on top of potential infestations is to renew the annual termite warranty from Big Blue Bug Solutions, so our professional technicians can perform routine inspections.   

Signs Connecticut Homes May Have Termites   

When it comes to how to spot a termite problem on your Connecticut property, there can be a few definitive clues these pests leave behind. Knowing what to look for can potentially save homeowners frustration and money:

  • Mud Tubes: These tiny structures are roughly about the width of a pencil and brown in color. Found on the outside of the dwelling, this sign of termites can look like little tunnels.
  • A Swarm: If a homeowner is unfortunate enough to witness a group of winged termites (known as swarmers) flying out of the home, then there could be a serious problem.
  • Tight Doors And Windows: If doors and windows stick when shutting or seem unusually tight to close, termites may be responsible.
  • Waste: The subterranean termite’s frass, or droppings that resemble tiny heaps of sawdust, are usually left inside wood but may be visible from time to time. 
  • Wings: Winged termites typically shed their wings. Look for these wings near windows and doors. 
  • Wood Damage: When subterranean termites have infested a home, they make the wood soft. Knock on wooden surfaces throughout the residence and listen for a hollow sound. Wood could also show blister-like markings or paint that has bubbled up when termites have done damage.

How The Pros Can Help Solve Termite Problems

There’s no need to worry about how to spot a termite problem on your Connecticut property. Just contact our team at Big Blue Bug Solutions. If there are any signs of termites found onsite, don’t waste time or money; call our highly trained pest professionals who can accurately identify and treat these pests. We offer a one-year termite warranty that can be renewed each year and is transferable to a new owner if the house is sold.