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Portland Homeowner’s Ultimate Pantry Pest Prevention Checklist

indian meal moth on a food bag

There are many disturbing possibilities when it comes to discovering pest invasions in your Southern Portland, Maine home. Finding them in your food is one of the more unpleasant scenarios, especially when you begin to question how long the infestation has been going on.

Pantry pests can go unnoticed for quite some time. They aren’t always easy to notice in their early stages of infestation. Many of them are small in size, and their eggs are generally invisible to the naked eye.

Applying preventative measures is a safe and simple way to protect your Southern Portland home from unwanted pantry pests.

Infestation Habits Of Pantry Pests

Some of the more common pantry pests in Southern Portland are Indian meal moths, beetles, and weevils.

Pantry pests feed on our food and lay their microscopic eggs inside stored food products. However, there are generally visible signs of an infestation if you examine your food and pet food products closely enough. Here are some helpful pantry pest clues to get you started.

  • Adult moths flying around the kitchen or larvae hanging from the ceiling.
  • Stored foods that contain Indian meal moth infestations will have traces of larvae silk webbing, or the larvae themselves. They are white with a brown head and average about ½ inch in size.
  • The sawtoothed grain beetle is only 1/10 of an inch long. These pests are visible when there is a serious infestation. They are very small, flat, brown in color, and able to make their way into sealed packages.
  • Weevils invade in large numbers. They should be visible to the naked eye when an infestation is present.

It is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to pantry pests. If you suspect an infestation, it is time to seek solutions to your pest problems.

Preventative Maintenance For Pantry Pests

Many pantry pest infestations start with grocery store products. This is why it is important to closely examine packaging before purchasing any pantry items.

Checkboxes or containers for tears, holes, or damaged seals that would allow insects to get inside. Purchase smaller portioned products that are more likely to be used in a short period of time.

Proper food storage in your home will help deter pantry pest infestations.

  • Store dried foods in pest-proof containers to ensure a longer and safer shelf life. Relocate items into glass, heavy plastic, or metal containers.
  • Unopened packages are still susceptible to infestations. Make an effort to use dried food products within two to four months.
  • Open older packages before newer ones, and be sure to use packages that have already been opened first.
  • Keep food storage areas clean. Look underneath and behind appliances where crumbs and food particles may be hiding.

Once your pantry products and kitchen areas are secure, follow up with a few additional preventative maintenance steps. Carefully inspect the exterior of your home for any gaps or holes needing to be sealed. Repair or install screens on doors and windows, weather stripping, and door sweeps.

Preventative maintenance is extremely helpful, but it isn’t always a 100% guarantee. Contacting a professional pest control service for your Southern Portland home is the one tried and true solution.

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