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The Benefits Of Professional Pest Control For Connecticut Businesses

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For Connecticut businesses, there's one inevitable truth they face every year: no matter the time of year, pests will seek to invade businesses. If it was just one or two of them, it wouldn't be a huge problem. However, pests always invade in large numbers, even if you don't see them all at once.

While pests are a problem all year long, the different seasons mean that different pests represent a threat to businesses at different times of the year. As such, it's vital to employ a general understanding of what drives different pests during different seasons. 

A Pest For Every Season

The first rule when it comes to pests is that it's all about survival. As a rule, pests seek shelter when it turns cold and to reproduce when it becomes warm. A further breakdown of their habits is as follows:

  • Spring: This is the season of reproduction and breaking out of hibernation for most pests. Fortunately, a lot of this happens outside, meaning you just need effective landscaping. However, some species will seek protection, which means they nest inside. Perform regular site inspections and consider ongoing professional pest control to counter their need for food and a place to nest.
  • Summer: Most pests stay outside during this season because it's so warm. However, some, like the mosquito, seek to be inside because that's where their food source lies. Others like ticks and bees are also prevalent in summer, which means outside habits need to be moderated accordingly. Don't forget about flies invading your business; they're often neglected until it’s a big problem. 
  • Fall: Pest behaviors begin to change during this season, as they begin to seek shelter and warmth. This goes double for larger pests like mice and rats. Make sure to do fall prevention cleaning to make your facility less habitable. With a professional commercial pest control plan, you'll be ahead of the game.
  • Winter: It may seem like most pests go away during this season. However, it's likely you have pests on the premises that are hibernating. If you have an ongoing pest control service, this season won't be a concern for you. However, without such services, you can expect big problems when spring comes back around. 

DIY And Its Drawbacks

Companies operate on the basis of making a profit. As such, they may be inclined to tackle pest problems on their own, instead of committing to a professional pest control contract. Unfortunately, this approach is often a mistake, thanks to the following:

  • It's Inconvenient: Who has the time to handle their own work and to effectively control the pest population? Whether it's regular work tasks or pest control efforts, something is going to have to give.
  • Case by case: Many companies try to deal with pests case-by-case. This doesn't work. The reason for this is simple: by the time you actually notice the pest, the infestation has already grown out of control.
  • It's Incomplete: Professional pest control companies boast comprehensive efforts that deliver complete results. DIY efforts are often incomplete, which means whatever progress you made is negated by the remaining pests reproducing.

Professional Pest Control With Big Blue Bug Solutions

For more than 80 years, we have worked to provide pest control solutions that work for Connecticut business owners. That's why we don’t approach pest control the same way for each case we take.

Instead, we have customized solutions designed for the pest in question such as rodent control, wildlife control, insect control, and more. More importantly, we have the necessary training to understand the specific pest control needs of each season so we provide a complete solution every time. Contact Big Blue Bug Solutions to lean how we can handle your commercial pest control needs.