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Ticks & Lyme Disease: What Everyone In Southern Maine Ought To Know

tick biting skin

A rising threat within the past few decades, ticks are becoming some of the most feared backyard insects in modern history. This is largely due to the fact that ticks act as disease vectors, with the ability to transmit illnesses to humans and pets.

The most common tick-borne illness is Lyme disease, and deer ticks are by far the most common vectors of Lyme disease. These tiny creatures are very small and very difficult to spot, even while latched onto human flesh. A deer tick bite may appear red or swollen at first. As the days progress, bites infected with disease will begin showing a dull, red ring around the bite point, creating a "bullseye" effect. 

It is a common misconception that ticks cause Lyme disease. The pests are only vectors, or carriers, of the disease, but not really the cause of the illness at all. Not every single tick bite will result in Lyme disease, but homeowners would do well not to push their luck by inviting more of these insects into their backyards. 

Prevention Tips That Lower Tick Populations In Southern Maine Properties 

Ticks appear to be virtually indestructible at first, but these terrible pests may be mitigated through the effort of some home prevention techniques. Try out the following tips for tick prevention in your Southern Maine lawn:

  • Maintain your yard by mowing grass consistently, pruning bushes often, and keeping areas of wild growth from reaching the lawn. 
  • Mitigate moisture by filling in any dips or potholes in the yard. Topsoil or packed garden dirt may assist in this process. 
  • Install a stone barrier between any nearby copses of trees and your home. A short border of river stones, peat rock, or gravel will help prevent ticks from leaving the brush and investigating areas of high human activity.

If ticks remain in large supply even after your implementation of the above prevention steps, there may be something far more serious at play. Get a handle on your tick infestation or the biting pests that bother you most by reaching out to Big Blue Bug Solutions now. 

Take Some Stress Off Your Mind With Professional Tick Services From Big Blue Bug Solutions

At the end of the day, it won’t matter how many layers of clothes you wear, or how much bug spray you douse yourself with. Ticks in your backyard will always be a problem without professional assistance, with outdoor activities leaving you vulnerable to dangerous bites that may lead to serious illness. 

If you are bitten by a tick species of any kind and are beginning to feel symptoms of Lyme disease, it's imperative to contact a medical professional right away. If you have not experienced any recent bites but are still concerned about tick activity on your Southern Maine property, it's time to contact the team at Big Blue Bug Solutions immediately. For more than 80 years, our group of hardworking professionals has been abating ticks and mosquitoes with high quality treatments and affordable prices for every budget. Lawns undergo a three-step treatment process, beginning with inspections, focusing on abatement, and ending with seasonal tick prevention services that keep pests at a distance all year long. 

With Big Blue Bug Solutions, there’s no reason to let tick populations ruin your upcoming springtime fun. Call us today to schedule a household appointment, or visit with us online to submit a contact form right away. Our team is looking forward to serving you in any capacity, and delivering quality service with a smile. Say "no" to dangerous tick activity this season, and say "yes" to the help of Big Blue Bug Solutions!