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How To Keep Beetles Away From Your Connecticut Property

cigarette beetle crawling on a leaf

Beetles are some of the most diverse and unique bugs in the entire insect kingdom. Problem is, they can cause big problems around your property if they invade. That’s why it’s important to learn how you can identify and prevent local beetle populations from growing on your property.

Common Local Beetles

First, it’s important to know what some of the most common beetles to invade homes and businesses even are. Here are some of the beetle species you should watch out for:

  • Cigarette Beetles: Known for infesting dry tobacco goods, these beetles aren’t just a problem for convenience store owners. They can be attracted by all kinds of dry grains and products.
  • Sawtooth Beetles: Another beetle that is attracted by a variety of dry stored foods and products, sawtooth beetles get their name for their distinctive mandibles.
  • Weevils: While this is actually an umbrella term for many species of plant-destroying beetles, these are the kind of garden pests that can destroy yards.

Why They Invade Homes & Businesses

Like all pests, beetles invade our properties because of the food, water, and shelter that can be found there. Avoiding infestations is about knowing the factors that attract pests to your property in the first place. Here are some of the biggest factors:

  • Food: Beetles are attracted by sugary aromas and dry goods, so proper food storage and deep cleaning are important.
  • Water: Many pests are attracted to moist areas and beetles are no exception. Anywhere there is water or damp wood, beetles likely aren’t far off.
  • Shelter: Yard debris and clutter around your property act as a shelter for pests, which means keeping things clear and regularly checking storage areas is a good first step.

The Problems Beetles Can Cause

The real reason you don’t want beetles around your property is because of the larger issues they can cause. Here are just some of them:

  • Contamination: This is the big one for most invasive bugs, and beetles are often known specifically as pantry pests. They can contaminate food sources directly or the areas where we eat and prepare meals.
  • Damage: Some beetles will eat through common household fabrics like leather and silk.
  • Other Pests: Once one pest is around, others often follow suit. If beetles are around your property, they can attract spiders, birds, and other invasive pests that eat them.

Beetle Prevention Tips For Your Property

Addressing those kinds of attractants around your property is a good general prevention measure, but there are other things that you'll need to keep up on in order to truly reduce your risk of a pest problem:

  • Landscaping: Smart yard planning, like keeping soil beds and large plants away from your exterior walls, is important for pest control. Keeping your grass trimmed and yard debris cleared out is also crucial.
  • Moisture Control: Proper moisture control isn’t just about avoiding pests, it’s about avoiding the water damage that can open up new access points for pests to make it inside.
  • Treatments: Professional treatments of your yard and exterior are the best way to keep invasive pests like beetles away.

Let Experts Help

As with all things, expert guidance is better than trying to handle it all on your own. While keeping up on prevention steps can improve your odds of avoiding a pest infestation, the best protection comes from professionals. At Big Blue Bug Solutions, we offer protection against beetles and all kinds of insects that can damage your property or contaminate your food sources. Not only are professional treatments more effective than at-home prevention, but they can also end up being cheaper in the long run because they save you from damage and ineffective products. For real protection against beetles in Connecticut, contact Big Blue Bug today.