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Why Can't I Keep These Mice Out Of My Southern Maine Home?


Once the cold weather rolls around, it seems like your pest problems are over for the year. No more mosquitoes, ants, or wasps to worry about. Unfortunately, chilly temperatures attract other pests to your home in search of shelter, and these little critters can seriously disrupt your life.

If you’ve tried everything but can’t seem to keep mice out of your home in Southern Maine, here’s what you need to know.

About House Mice

House mice are one of the most common pests in the U.S. These small rodents usually average about three inches in length and can be identified by their light gray fur, pointed snout, and large ears. House mice prefer a diet of dry grains and seeds but are omnivorous and will gladly munch on crackers, cereal, fruit, nuts, or just about any other food in your pantry.

Once they infest your property, they can be difficult to get rid of. While they might seem like a harmless nuisance to you and your family, house mice can be dangerous to have around.

Why House Mice Can Be Dangerous

Some pests threaten your health, spreading disease, causing allergies, or inflicting painful stings. Some pests are destructive, ruining your property, belongings, or food. Rodents like rats, squirrels, and house mice do both.

House mice are a health hazard. Contact with their droppings has been known to cause salmonellosis and leptospirosis. And the parasites they can carry come with their diseases, like Lyme disease and bubonic plague.

House mice are also dangerous for your property. They will happily gnaw on wood, plastic, and paper objects, but can also chew through electrical wires, potentially starting a fire in your home.

Why House Mice Are So Hard To Keep Out

You’ve set traps and bait but no matter what, you can’t keep mice out of your home. It’s a common problem for folks dealing with mouse control on their own. Mice are hard to get rid of for a few particular reasons:

  • House mice breed quickly and in large numbers – A typical house mouse litter averages about eight young and an adult female can give birth up to ten times per year. That’s eighty new mice infesting your home and ruining your peace.
  • They can squeeze through tiny spaces – It only takes a hole about the size of a nickel or about ¼ inch in diameter for an average house mouse to squeeze through. Cracks around your foundation, holes in walls, gaps around pipes, or faulty weather stripping on your property could be letting mice in.
  • There are always more – Catching a few mice isn’t the end to your infestation. House mice can be elusive and nest in out-of-sight areas like inside your walls. Even if you eliminate a few, more can still come in from outside.

It’s no easy task trying to handle a mouse infestation by yourself. These pests may be small, but they are worthy adversaries who have evolved to live in manmade environments and avoid our attempts to eliminate them. With help from a reliable professional pest control service, you can keep house mice out of your home for good.

At Big Blue Bug Solutions, we take a comprehensive approach to rodent control that eliminates house mice at the source and prevents them from coming back. We strive to be the cleanest pest control service you’ll ever work with and guarantee that if house mice return, we’ll come back for treatment free of charge.

If you can’t get rid of house mice in your Southern Maine, contact the experts at Big Blue Bug Solutions to solve the problem once and for all.