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Eight Easy Fall Pest Prevention Tips For Milford Homes
rodents in fall time

Many people think that pests are only a real problem in the spring and summer, and it can sometimes feel this way. While many pests become more active in the warmer months and seem to be everywhere, pests can actually be a problem throughout the year, and certain pests are more common in the fall and winter than in the summer.

Many pest species you notice outdoors when the weather is hot will start to make their way inside when the weather cools down as they seek shelter for the winter. So, while you might not see these pests right away, they could be using your Milford, Connecticut home as a sanctuary, and this isn’t good for you.

Some of the most common fall pests include rodents, cockroaches, spiders, and beetles. Most of these species can cause property damage, health risks, or both, so it is crucial to know how to prevent them.

In this guide, you’ll learn all you need to know about preventing fall pests and keeping them from using your home as their winter vacation spot.

How Dangerous Are Fall Pests?

There are many issues the various pest species common in autumn can cause for you and others around you.

Some of the biggest concerns include:

  • Rodents and cockroaches can spread any disease, including salmonellosis, tularemia, gastroenteritis, and more.
  • While most spiders are harmless, certain species like the black widow spider have dangerous venom.
  • Rodents and cockroaches can cause asthma attacks and allergic reactions.
  • Both mice and rats can cause property damage as they chew through furniture, wires, pipes, and more.
  • Most of these species, including beetles, are highly invasive. The number can quickly grow out of control before you even realize there’s a problem.

For these and other reasons, it's important to take some steps to minimize your risk of a pest invasion this fall.

Four Fall Prevention Steps To Start With

Overall, you can begin to keep these pests away by focusing on deep cleaning around your property. Rodents and cockroaches especially love cluttered areas with access to food crumbs, so cleanliness can help deter them.

Here are four steps to follow:

  • Clean places you normally don’t, such as under heavy appliances, in the back of closets, and the inside of cabinets.
  • Clear up yard debris such as leaf piles and grass clippings. Make sure to include places around outbuildings.
  • Remove clutter inside your home as well as in garages, sheds, and around the yard. Be sure to store firewood at least 30 feet away from the exterior of the house.
  • Cover trash cans with lids and store pet food indoors in airtight containers.

Four More Effective Pest Prevention Tips

After you’ve focused on cleaning up both inside and outside of your home, you can now implement a few more measures that deter fall pests, such as:

  • Making it more difficult for pests to get inside by repairing broken screens in doors and windows.
  • Reducing excess humidity by using dehumidifiers and fixing any leaky plumbing.
  • Sealing up holes and cracks in the wall and foundation of your house.
  • Contacting pest control professionals for ongoing assistance.

The Best Way To Deal With Fall Pests

While it’s important to do what you can to keep pests away, and DIY steps can deter pests, assistance from Big Blue Bug Solutions will ensure full-coverage pest control. We will work with you to provide customized pest control plans that remove any current pest problems and keep others from ever starting up.

To get started, just give us a call today. We even offer free inspections.