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Six Easy Tricks To Keep Flies Out Of Your Worcester Home

fly on a leaf

Flies might be one of the most common insects you see flying around, especially in the summer and fall, but this doesn’t mean they are fun to have around. Even just one fly buzzing around your Worcester home can be annoying, and many flies in the area are also rather dangerous because they pose health risks.

Flies will often live and feast on things like garbage, feces, and rotting animal carcasses, and then they carry these pathogens into homes. Because of this, prevention is vital in protecting your property from these problematic pests.

Guide To Area Flies

Before you start implementing fly prevention, it’s a good idea to know what flies look like and to be able to differentiate the different species.

In the area, there are three main species of flies that commonly infest properties. These are house flies, fruit flies, and blow flies. Firstly, the house fly is about ¼ of an inch long and grey with orangish-red eyes. This species often gets inside dwellings to seek out various food sources.

Next, the fruit fly is a tiny species that’s only about ⅛ of an inch long. They are usually a tan to reddish-brown color and have bright red eyes. These flies seek out rotting fruits and other sweet-smelling items to consume.

Lastly, blowflies, sometimes called butterflies, are around ⅜ of an inch long and are usually blackish with metallic coloring. They often congregate around carrion, and they are known to spread many diseases.

Keeping Flies From Getting Inside

The first overall measure you should take when it comes to fly prevention is sealing up access points around your house. Flies will usually come indoors inadvertently or when they are looking for food sources.

To keep flies out, you can start by repairing or replacing any broken screens in doors and windows.

Then, install door sweeps and weather stripping throughout the home. You can also seal up holes in the walls and foundation using caulk. And, lastly, make sure to keep doors and windows shut as often as possible to keep flies from making their way inside.

Six General Fly Prevention Steps

After you’ve done what you can to remove entry points for flies, the next part of fly prevention involves making your property less appealing to them. You can do this by removing or eliminating the factors that draw flies in, such as:

  1. Cleaning up any food and drink messes right away.
  2. Keeping floors in kitchen spaces cleaned.
  3. Storing pet food indoors in sealed containers and cleaning up after pets right away.
  4. Cover all garbage cans with lids and remove trash from your property.
  5. Regularly doing dirty dishes.
  6. Throwing away rotting fruits and vegetables both inside of your house and around your yard as they can attract fruit flies and other species.

The Final And Most Effective Fly Prevention Tip

While taking steps on your own to prevent flies can go a long way, they are a rather widespread pest that can still come around. If you do end up with annoying flies around your Worcester home, the experts at Big Blue Bug Solutions are here for you.

We provide ongoing residential pest control plans that will eradicate any species of fly. Then, we provide regular treatment visits that will make sure flies don’t come back again. Just contact us today to request your free inspection and get started.