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Everything You Need To Know About Stink Bug Control In Worcester

stink bug on a leaf

Is your home a magnet for stink bugs? One way to tell is by walking around indoors in the late fall and early winter; if you find these pests inside, they are there for a reason. Today we will be talking about stink bug infestations, why these pests invade, and what you should be doing to keep stink bugs out of your Worcester home. If you are currently dealing with an active infestation of stink bugs, call us at Big Blue Bug Solutions. We are experts in pest control and will quickly remove these bugs from your interior areas.

Get The Facts About Stink Bugs

Most people do not know much about stink bugs. If this is the case for you, don’t worry. There are only a few things you really need to know. The first thing is that stink bugs are mainly agricultural pests. During the warmer months of the year, they stay outside and have little to no interest in invading interior spaces. It is only during the fall and winter that they start breaking into homes in our area. The second thing you should know about stink bugs is that they can emit multiple scents. Apart from its usually stinky smell, this pest also produces a pheromone once it has found a place to hibernate for winter. If even one of these pests finds its way into your home, more will follow. They will be drawn in by this pheromone scent. 

How To Be Sure It's A Stink Bug 

There are a lot of pests that invade homes here in Worcester. How can you be sure the bugs in your home are stink bugs? It helps to know what these pests look like. An adult stink bug has a ¾” long, shield-shaped body, and is a mottled grayish-brown coloration. These pests will use their hidden wings to buzz around homes and can be audibly heard from a short distance away. When squished, a stink bug releases a pungent odor into the air. Many liken this scent to rotten coconuts. As we head towards winter, you will start seeing more and more of these insects around your home’s exterior and may notice them indoors as well. The question is, are there any good prevention tips to stop stink bugs or is professional help the only option?

Help! There Are A Lot Of Stink Bugs Around My Home

There is a huge difference between how to eliminate stink bugs and how to keep these pests out of your home. One way to prevent stink bugs is with DIY control methods. Here are a few tips and tricks to consider today.

  • Repair damaged window/door screens.
  • Install door sweeps under exterior doors.
  • Seal holes, gaps, and cracks in your exterior foundation.
  • Keep unscreened windows and doors closed when they aren’t in use.

If you are dealing with an active infestation of stink bugs indoors and need a quick way to get these pests out, your absolute best option is to hire a professional. 

Call The Professionals To Get Rid Of Stink Bugs Fast! 

When it comes to preventing and eliminating stink bugs, you have no better option than to hire the experts at Big Blue Bug Solutions. Our team of trained technicians is equipped to deal with any over-wintering pests inside or around your home. We would be happy to apply a stink bug treatment inside and around your home to address these smelly pests.

Call now to get rid of stink bugs in your Worcester home. We will walk you through what pest control in Worcester should look like and find an option that best fits your needs.