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Why Are Odorous House Ants In Worcester Hard To Deal With Alone?


Ants (Formicidae) are a common type of insect known for appearing at outdoor events, including barbeques, picnics, and other activities where people consume food. As creatures that exist in more than 10,000 species, you can find ants in most parts of the world. Ants are rather small creatures that rarely exceed one inch and have six legs and bent antennae.

Namely social creatures, ants often form large colonies with thousands of others. Some of the most common ant species in this region include carpenter ants, pavement ants, Pharaoh ants, and odorous house ants.

Odorous house ants (Tapinoma sessile) are a comparatively small type that will use their tiny body size to infiltrate homes and businesses seeking food, water, or shelter. The name of the species stems from an unpleasant odor they emit when crushed that some commonly describe as “spoiled coconuts."

Odorous house ants are found throughout North America and act as aggressive scavengers that appear either brown or black and generally have a maximum body length of only 1/8 of an inch.

Do odorous house ants have wings? Yes. Many of the winged odorous house ants are those responsible for mating, a process that typically occurs in the spring.

What is the best way to get rid of odorous house ants? The species often have colonies with multiple queens, resulting in overwhelming infestations, and are best treated by a professional. A trained Worcester pest control expert maintains the knowledge based on many years of experience needed for safely expelling ants from a property and the various preventative measures that will keep odorous house ants out of houses. 

Easy-To-Spot Signs Of An Ant Infestation In Your Home

What are some of the most common signs of an emerging infestation involving odorous house ants? Homeowners will often notice the following: 

  • Large numbers of live ants usually become visible, particularly in kitchen areas near food. 
  • Homeowners may encounter dead ants when sweeping floors or inside cupboards or pantries.
  • These ants generate a distinctive foul odor when they feel threatened or get smashed. 

People who remove groups of ants from surfaces must remember to clean the area thoroughly. These pests leave residual pheromone chemicals that others from the colony will detect and might lead to a subsequent invasion. It’s best to get professional help concerning odorous house ants in Worcester.

The Trouble With Ants Crawling Around Your Home

How are odorous house ants dangerous? Odorous house ants are primarily a type of nuisance pest that will not bite humans; however, they will contaminate sources of food. 

Why It Is So Difficult To Get Rid Of Ants On Your Own

With a body that rarely exceeds 1/8 of an inch, odorous house ants will enter a home through gaps below exterior doors, cracks that develop along the base of the structure near the foundation, and other very tiny openings. 

The Secret To The Best Ant Control For Your Home

Residents in the Worcester region who are struggling with a substantial odorous house ant infestation should speak with a friendly pest control specialist with Big Blue Bug Solutions regarding the appropriate treatment option. As a truly full-service provider in this region, we also help home and business owners who are facing invasions involving termites, bed bugs, mosquitoes, and a host of other unwanted creatures that might pose health risks or damage property.

After receiving a request, one of our properly trained and well-equipped service technicians will visit the property to complete an exhaustive assessment of the premises. During this inspection, we often notice external property conditions that make the structure vulnerable to intrusion.

We will answer any questions that arise and explain the most effective treatment strategy. Contact us today for additional information.