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Don't Let Silverfish Take Over Your Home In Southern Maine

silverfish in a home

How much do you know about silverfish? If you're like most people in Southern Maine, you probably don't know much about this pest. That's why Big Blue Bug Solutions experts are here to share silverfish facts with you. Plus, hear what they have to say about getting rid of silverfish from your home. 

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about silverfish in Southern Maine!

What Do Silverfish In Southern Maine Look Like?

Silverfish are not fish, but they do get their name from their appearance. They have metallic scales and an elongated, tear-dropped-shaped body, which moves fish-like. Silverfish are about ¾ of an inch long and have six legs. They also have long antennae and three long bristle-like "tails."

But is their appearance an indication of how dangerous they are? Below, you can read about the problems this pest can cause in your home and the signs of silverfish. 

Are Silverfish In Southern Maine Poisonous

While their presence and appearance may be unsettling, silverfish in Southern Maine are not poisonous. This pest is a nuisance and is not harmful to people for the most part. However, having this pest in your home can indicate a moisture problem due to their need for high moisture.

Plus, a silverfish infestation can cause damage to items like clothing, book, wallpapers, rugs, and more as they will eat these materials and sugars and carbohydrates. Holes and markings on packaging and other items indicate a silverfish problem and should be further inspected and addressed.

How Can I Stop Silverfish From Getting Into My Southern Maine Home

Silverfish prevention is not unlike the prevention of other common household pests. By reducing the factors that attract pests, like silverfish, to your home, you can help to keep them away.

Removing food sources is essential to keeping any pest away:

  • Store open dry goods in air-tight containers.
  • Keep your home clear of crumbs and food debris.
  • Remove clutter from your home, including clothing, curtains, rugs, paper products, and items that use glue, like books.
  • Use air-tight storage bins instead of cardboard.

Reducing moisture won't only help to prevent mold, but it will also help keep away pests like silverfish that need high humidity levels to survive:

  • Clear gutters and remove organic debris from your yard. This should include leaves and excess foliage.
  • Fix any leaks and replace water-damaged wood.
  • Create a barrier of crushed rocks between your home's foundation and any soil or mulch.
  • Make sure there is proper ventilation in rooms like the kitchen and bathrooms.
  • Use dehumidifiers in areas with high moisture, such as the basement, garage, and crawlspace. 
  • Install weather stripping on exterior windows and doors.

Sealing entry points is one of the most essential steps in pest prevention:

  • Inspect the foundation and exterior walls from cracks.
  • Install screens and weather stripping on doors and windows. 

The best form of pest prevention is ongoing assistance from experts like those at Big Blue Bug Solutions. Keep a silverfish infestation from happening in your Southern Maine home with reliable pest control services.

The Best Way To Get Rid Of Silverfish In Your Southern Maine Home

Because silverfish are nocturnal, it can be challenging for an untrained person to remove them; however, getting rid of silverfish in Southern Maine is easy with assistance from Big Blue Bug Solutions. We offer residential pest control services that cover silverfish and other common home-invading pests.

Give us a call today at Big Blue Bug Solutions to learn more silverfish facts and about how we can help with silverfish prevention and control!