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How Fleas Get Into Southern Maine Homes

a flea inside of a home

Finding fleas in your Southern Maine home might not be something you'd expect, but the truth is that fleas are a rather common pest problem. Fleas are parasitic pests that live on animal hosts and bite various mammals to get a meal. One major misconception is that fleas only invade households that have pets. The truth is that these Southern Maine pests can infest almost any dwelling, so it's important to know how you can prevent them.

What Do Fleas Look Like?

While there are a variety of flea species in the world, the most common in the area is the cat flea. They are usually around an eighth of an inch long, and they are a reddish-brown color. Since they are so small, they can be difficult to spot at first. These fleas often look more like flecks of dark dirt on pet fur or carpets.

How Dangerous Are Fleas?

Fleas might not seem like they'd be that big of a deal, but they pose significant health risks to both people and pets. They can spread a variety of diseases, including Bartonella and typhus. Don't forget that fleas were responsible for the bubonic plague of historical infamy as well.

Along with the risk of diseases, fleas can also trigger allergic reactions and allergy attacks.

How Do Flea Infestations Start?

Unlike some parasites, such as ticks, fleas don't live on humans. They only use animals as hosts, but they can also spread throughout a home. And while they don't live on humans, they do bite us. If you have pets, fleas can bring them inside, but even homes that have never had any pets around can end up with fleas.

It's usually other pest species that bring fleas with them. Rodents are common carriers of fleas, and as rodents are common pests in Southern Maine, they are often the source of flea problems. Additionally, other wildlife species like raccoons or squirrels can carry fleas to your property.

Effective Flea Prevention Steps

Since fleas are brought around by hitching a ride on animals, the best way to control fleas is to focus on general pest prevention. You can take steps to keep rodents and wildlife out, such as:

  • Clean up yard debris such as leaf litter, grass clippings, and fallen fruit. Also, store firewood at least 30 feet from the exterior of your home.
  • Store pet food indoors in sealed containers.
  • Keep kitchens cleaned on a regular basis.
  • Install fences to keep out larger wildlife species.
  • Remove access to bird feeders that might attract squirrels and other wildlife species.
  • Get lids for all garbage cans and take out the trash often.
  • Make it more difficult for pests to get inside by repairing broken or torn screens in doors and windows. 
  • Vacuum inside the home regularly to get rid of fleas and flea eggs living in the carpet.
  • Contact residential pest control experts.

Get Help With Flea Infestations

If you've been dealing with fleas around your home, the best way to remove them is with assistance from Big Blue Bug Solutions. And, to prevent fleas going forward, you can work with our team and get protection for your pets from a veterinarian.

To learn more about flea control in Southern Maine or to request a quote, please give us a call.