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Don’t Let The Voles In Southern Maine Tear Up Your Yard
vole hole in ground

Do you know what pest just jetted through your yard in Southern Maine? Voles might make you think of moles or mice, but they are not the same thing, and they have different motivations. Because of this, when you find a vole around your home in Southern Maine, you need to be aware of what kind of problems it can bring with them. Pest control in Southern Maine from a qualified team might be your best bet in getting your home back in order when voles have invaded; read more to find out why!

What Does A Vole In Southern Maine Look Like?

Voles are very fast; getting a good look can be hard to do. But when you see a vole, you should understand what they look like. That way, when you come across them, you know just what kind of pest you have around your home. 

You might think that voles are very similar to a few other small yard pests, and that’s true. They stick to the dirt like moles and nest in warm locations, sometimes inside your walls. Voles are also very similar to field mice in their size and color. A mix of black and brown, voles have small ears and black eyes. They only grow up to around six inches but typically bunch up into a ball when sitting.

How Do You Get Voles In Your Yard?

Voles can deal a lot of damage around your yard, and they should be dealt with right when you find them. If you don’t act quickly, their numbers could spread, and they could take over your home in no time.

Here are some steps you can take to protect your property:

  • Remove weeds regularly from your landscaping and garden.
  • Install covers or heavy plastic wraps around the base of your trees to prevent voles from girdling.
  • Eliminate dense vegetation or overgrown hedges and shrubs.
  • Install a wire or solely mesh fence around the rim of your property.

Homeowners will find that the damage they can inflict can be costly and time-consuming. However, when you consider these different options, you can keep your lawn better prepared.

Signs Of Voles In Your Garden

Do you know what kind of damage voles do? Or do you know what to look for when voles have invaded your garden? While they can be hard to identify, often mistaken for rabbits or mice, it can be done.

Look for these five signs around your lawn:

  1. Holes around your solid.
  2. Soil that looks overturned or tender.
  3. Plants that have fallen in on themselves.
  4. Small rut trails around your lawn.
  5. Eaten or damaged plants and veggies.

It can be extremely difficult to completely rid your home of these tiny pests in most cases. They can hide underground and can multiply in overwhelming numbers. Sometimes a DIY job just won’t cut it; that’s when you should bring in a professional team for vole control.

How To Keep Voles Away For Good!

If you want to keep voles away from your home in Southern Maine for good, you need to contact us at Big Blue Bug Solutions. At Big Blue Bug Solutions, we know our team can protect your home in a way that will have a lasting impact. You can sit back and relax when you give us a call at Big Blue Bug Solutions because we have the experience you can rely on. 

Our team has been in this game for many years, and we know our way around a pest, so when you’re in need, never fear and reach out to Big Blue Bug Solutions today. Call to find out all the different home pest control options we would be happy to provide to keep your home thriving and safe.