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The Best Way To Keep Cockroaches Out Of Your South Portland Residence

roach on an egg carton

No one wants to find cockroaches around their home in South Portland. Whether they are massive cockroaches or otherwise, they all look just as frightening when you come across them. What’s more, there is likely more hiding around your South Portland home that you can’t see. 

This can be frustrating, but it can’t be brushed off or pushed to the side when you find these pests. What you need is a South Portland pest control company to put an end to your cockroach problem for good.

What Attracts Roaches To Your Home

You might be wondering how you came to have a cockroach infestation on your hands. You don’t necessarily have to have a dirty home for cockroaches to find themselves inside, so what attracts them? Here are a few things that roaches find appealing around your home:

  • Shelter. Roaches will find their way inside the tiniest cracks to have a space protected from the elements.
  • Food. Cockroaches find food wherever they end up, and they can easily find it in your home. They also have an expansive diet ranging from grease to human hair.
  • Moisture. Roaches love a damp area, which is why you mostly find them around drains and bathrooms.
  • Odors. Roaches can find the smell of your mundane garbage or pets attractive and seek it out.

Just because you have a pet or keep your home warm doesn’t mean that you have to accept that roaches will find that appealing. You can take steps to prevent these pests from gaining entry before they become a prevalent problem for your home.

Six Ways To Kill Cockroaches In Your Home

You need to understand how to get rid of cockroaches in your house before they even show up. Prevention is vital when dealing with the kind of pest that can be very resilient and relentless. These steps are:

  1. Keep your trash cans stored away from your home.
  2. Repair or replace any leaky pipes or water-damaged areas around your home.
  3. Buy a dehumidifier and place it around your bathroom and basement.
  4. Sanitize any countertops or areas where you store or prep food.
  5. Store any wood or compost away from your home or entry points.
  6. Seal any cracks or holes around your foundation.

By keeping up with these steps, you can go the extra mile to ensure that you are doing all you can to protect your home. These are not end-all-be-all solutions, but they can effectively keep cockroaches and other pests at bay.

What Doesn’t Work When Trying To Get Rid Of Roaches 

There are a lot of myths about how to get rid of cockroaches. Cockroaches are resilient, but they are not immune to everything. A few of the factors that go into this belief that cockroaches can survive anything are how hard they are to kill. Cockroaches can survive for up to a week without their head, only to die of dehydration in the end. 

Even a few pesticides that you might think would help against a growing cockroach population will ultimately not affect them. When it comes down to it, the only option that will for sure not work in your fight against these pests is not doing anything about them. Take action when you find them and call a professional team when you want a quick end to the situation.

Professional Cockroach Control Can Be A Huge Help

Our team at Big Blue Bug Solutions is the cockroach exterminator in South Portland that you’ve been looking for. Not only do we have nearly a century’s worth of experience in dealing with pests like cockroaches, but we also have the best tools for the job. At Big Blue Bug Solutions, we offer you a solid guarantee that we will eliminate your pest problem

We take pride in the hard work that our team does for you and our community. Our team also takes a professional and environmentally sound approach to all of the jobs we carry out. So contact our team at Big Blue Bug Solutions and get the best cockroach pest control in South Portland today.