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Signs You May Need To Invest In Commercial Pest Control In Milford

a pigeon getting into food at a restaurant

Pests can spell big trouble for small businesses in Milford. From rats and mice running through your restaurant to bed bugs in your hotel’s mattresses to cockroaches crawling on your office break room counter, businesses can have all kinds of issues with invading pests. These invaders can cause property and reputation damage and endanger employees and customers.

Commercial pest control services are a vital element of running a business, and Big Blue Bug Solutions has the commercial pest control near you, your business needs.

The Pests That Invade Milford Businesses

Milford businesses can be invaded by all types of pests. Restaurants typically have the most to worry about, given that they handle food and tend to attract the widest variety of pests.  Rodents, cockroaches, ants, and other pantry pests love to raid restaurants and steal goodies from food stores.

Other businesses are not off the hook, though. Facilities such as schools and medical clinics must still be concerned with rats and mice, cockroaches, and additional pests. Medical facilities, in particular, have to be concerned with pests that could spread germs, such as pharaoh ants and roaches. Furthermore, all hotels in the area have to worry about bed bugs. The stigma of bed bugs can completely ruin a business's image. It is crucial for business owners to implement commercial or restaurant pest control and protect their properties from invading vermin.

All The Ways Pests Can Damage A Milford Business

Businesses lacking pest control leave themselves vulnerable to various types of infestations, each with its own set of damage-inflicting problems. A diner that neglects restaurant pest control, for example, is susceptible to rodent, cockroach, and ant problems. Either of these infestations will result in poor online reviews and a loss of revenue for the business. Moreover, the remedy for a rodent problem is different than the remedy for a cockroach problem, meaning a business with more than one type of infestation will need to spend more on pest control to fix its issues.

Customers and employees sickened by pest infestations could sue for damages. Health inspectors could levy hefty fines against you for failing to address pest issues. And, of course, if pests damage your commercial property, you could be on the hook for expensive repair bills. All these expenses significantly outweigh commercial pest control costs.

Pest Prevention Tips For Milford Businesses

The good news is there are tons of steps business owners can take before enlisting quality commercial pest control. Many of these steps work against multiple pest varieties since most vermin are drawn to the same basic set of attractants. To make your commercial space less inviting to pests:

  • Seal off all the potential entry points for pests in your commercial space. These include exterior cracks or holes, rips in patio screens, gaps on doors, etc.
  • Keep all foods stored in airtight containers. These could be fridges and freezers, or they could be plastic containers. 
  • Ensure employees don’t leave trash or crumbs lying around break rooms. 
  • Have your commercial space frequently cleaned to reduce dropped crumbs and other attractants. 
  • Deal with moisture issues that could attract pests, such as leaky plumbing in your bathrooms or clogged exterior drainage. Run dehumidifiers in any areas that have a condensation problem. 
  • Install bird spikes and other deterrents to encourage pest birds to move on.

How To Make Sure Pests Stay Away From Your Milford Business

Though many businesses balk at the idea of commercial pest control costs, the cost of not preventing pests can be much higher. Once you get an infestation, property damage risks go up exponentially, as do the risks of incurring irreparable harm to your business' reputation. Eliminating an infestation is always way more expensive than contracting preventative commercial pest control services.

That is why you should hire Big Blue Bug Solutions— the commercial pest control near you. To get started, give us a call or reach out online.