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Cockroach Prevention Tips For Rhode Island Homeowners

cockroach inside home

Cockroaches are a pest that has existed throughout most of history, and experts have identified thousands of various species. Belonging to the order Blattodea, cockroaches have a flat, oval-shaped body with a durable exoskeleton. 

What causes cockroaches in the house? As omnivores, cockroaches will consume most foods, including meats, grains, sweets, and many living creatures. Because of their size, cockroaches can easily enter homes through smaller openings. 

Are you noticing the presence of cockroaches in your home? Promptly contact Rhode Island pest control professionals that know how to get rid of cockroaches in the house and how to prevent cockroaches from returning. 

What Kind Of Cockroaches Can I Expect To Encounter?

The American cockroach is among the larger types, often measuring more than 1.5 inches long and has a reddish or mahogany color with some yellow markings. Kitchens, basements, and laundry rooms commonly attract American cockroaches once they get indoors. 

Oriental cockroaches have a distinctive shiny dark brown or black appearance and measure approximately one inch or more. In natural exterior yard areas, the species will emerge from mulch, rocks, and thick vegetation that allows access to sufficient water sources. 

The German cockroach has earned a reputation for invading homes and various institutional environments. This includes nursing homes, hotels, restaurants, and other venues where food is stored, cooked, or consumed. The German cockroach has a brown or tan body with a pair of dark stripes located behind its head. 

The Dangers Associated With Roaches

What diseases do cockroaches carry? Cockroaches routinely travel through trash and have exposure to harmful parasites. Some of the conditions associated with cockroaches include cholera, salmonellosis, E.coli, and many other health concerns. When larger indoor infestations develop, many individuals will experience dangerous allergic reactions from the accumulation of waste, skin, and other material. 

Five Simple Cockroach Prevention Tips

To prevent cockroach intrusions, homeowners must implement comprehensive best practices that involve preventing entry, limiting attractants, and diligently cleaning.

Some of the most effective preventative measures include: 

  1. Carefully inspect the exterior area of the property to identify any possible points of entry. Fill cracks or crevices with a durable caulk, repair damaged window screens, and install sweeps on exterior doors.
  2. Always place leftovers in the refrigerator or sealed containers that will limit access. 
  3. Remember to keep the floors free of crumbs, wipe down counters, and never leave dirty dishes out overnight. 
  4. Effectively managing trash containing food scraps is critical. For example, you need to maintain trash cans in kitchen areas by storing them in durable receptacles with functional lids. 
  5. Limit excessive moisture by repairing leaky hoses, ensuring proper ventilation, and using dehumidifiers as needed.

Keep in mind that the conditions in exterior areas around the home are also necessary. Clean up all food scraps following barbeques or picnics, remove fallen fruits, and never leave pet food bowls out on decks or patios.  

The Most Effective Cockroach Control 

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