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How To Get Rid Of Hornets: The Ultimate Guide For Massachusetts Homeowners

close up of hornet

There are few things in life that cause as much concern as finding an active hornet nest on your property. Where these stinging insects are, there is a risk of injury for locals. Thankfully, these pests are not invincible. Take some time today to learn about hornet pest control in Massachusetts and why these painful bugs are such a problem on local properties. Call Big Blue Bug Solutions for information about our advanced services. We will walk you through what stinging insect pest control in Massachusetts looks like and offer some detailed options to help you handle hornets on your property.

Hornet Identification: Key Markers To Help You Identify Hornets

There are tons of different types of wasps in Massachusetts. There is only, however, one main species of hornet. It is the European hornet. This pest can grow to be upwards of an inch and a half long and has a brown body with yellow markings. You will find this pest buzzing around looking for things to eat and places to build its nest. Hornet nests are typically high up and are found inside trees, on the side of buildings, and in other secluded/secure locations. For help identifying these pests on your property, bring in our team for a pest inspection. We will check around for places where nests might be, keep track of activity we find, and let you know what we find.

Stings And Health Risks: The Dangers Of Hornet Encounters

Getting stung by a hornet is not a fun experience. Upon injection of venom, a person will experience a moderate amount of pain. This pain will lessen over time and shift into an itching sensation. Occasionally, rashes will form around sting areas. Several stings from hornets can lead to more severe reactions and symptoms including nausea, fever, vomiting, headache, fainting, diarrhea, and convulsions. A person who is allergic to hornet venom might also experience more severe symptoms. Anaphylactic shock is a common reaction for those who have allergies to venom. Talk with your doctor to better understand your risk and to get the necessary medication to potentially save your life after a sting. Otherwise, keep reading to learn more about your options for hornet control in Massachusetts.

Experienced Hornet Control: Restoring Peace with Professional Control

Understanding hornets is only half of the battle. To make sure these pests get off your property, you need to consider the benefits of wasp and hornet pest control. Big Blue Bug Solutions is a local pest control provider that has the safety equipment and training needed to eliminate active stinging insect nests wherever they might be on your property. Let us pay you a visit to implement advanced strategies to give these painful bugs the boot. Reach out today to learn more about home pest control in Massachusetts and make an appointment for your home.

Creating a Hornet-Free Zone: Essential Steps For Prevention

We can help you keep hornets out of your home. We cannot directly help you deter these pests from your property. For this, you need to take action. Here is how to control hornets around your property with some basic prevention tips.

  • Keep food dishes and beverages covered when you are eating outdoors.
  • Clean up thoroughly after hosting outdoor gatherings.
  • Clean trash bins as they get dirty and make sure they have tight-fitting lids.
  • Reduce the number of plants on your property that bud or flower.

Reach out to our team at Big Blue Bug Solutions if you have questions about hornets or would like to schedule a service visit for your Massachusetts home and property.