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How Cockroaches Get Inside South Portland Kitchens In The Winter

cockroach on a table with food

Maine winters bring freezing temperatures and lots of snow, sometimes causing us to think that all the pests are tucked away and won't bother us until spring rolls around. Unfortunately, there are a few pests that remain active all year long.

One pest we need to be extra careful about as the holidays are upon us is the cockroach. The holidays bring lots of cooking and baking and, if there’s one thing that can ruin a meal, it’s the unappetizing cockroach!

Colder weather doesn’t slow cockroaches down. They still infest homes and businesses and scurry through kitchens and bathrooms. It’s important to protect yourself against these pests, as they can pose health threats to you, your family, or your customers and employees.

There are three different types of cockroaches you’re likely to see in your South Portland kitchen; German, American, and Oriental Cockroaches.

  • The German Cockroach is about a half inch long and light tan to brown in color. Two dark parallel lines run from the back of its head to its wings, which makes it easier to identify.
  • The American Cockroach can be more than two inches in length. It has a band of yellow around its head and is able to fly.
  • The Oriental Cockroach grows to about an inch in length and its color is shiny, dark brown.

All three species of cockroaches can bite but rarely do so. If you receive a bite, it should not bother you unless it becomes infected.

Even though they don’t often bite, cockroaches still pose a serious human health threat. They’re known to spread thirty-three kinds of bacteria, six parasitic worms, and seven other types of pathogens. Vomiting, diarrhea, fever, and Salmonella transmission can all be the result of a cockroach infestation. Cockroaches have the potential to cause allergic reactions and asthma symptoms. 

How to Keep Cockroaches Out of Your Home

Due to their flat bodies, cockroaches are compact enough to fit through small cracks and crevices. They are attracted to any potential food or water source.

Here are a few steps you can take to keep cockroaches out of your home:

  • Seal off entry points and caulk gaps around exterior pipes.
  • Remove food and water sources by storing food in the refrigerator or in airtight containers with tight-fitting lids.
  • Inspect pipes and areas high in moisture and repair as needed.
  • Take trash out regularly.
  • Wipe down all surfaces frequently, both before and after preparing food.

How to Protect Your Home from Cockroaches

Since cockroaches often hide in hard-to-reach spaces, DIY measures can be very frustrating. Instead of fighting them on your own, let the professional pest control experts from Big Blue Bug Solutions take care of your cockroach problem. We offer both residential and commercial pest control plans.

Contact Big Blue Bug Solutions to learn more about the options we have to offer. We are here to serve you!