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How To Identify And Control A Centipede Infestation In Your Worcester Home

centipede in a house

When should Worcester residents worry about centipedes on their property? Is it when you see centipedes in plants around your house, or are they only a problem once they're indoors? And what's the best way to get rid of them for good?

Big Blue Bug Solutions have been helping folks all over Worcester with pesky pest problems, including centipedes. Below you'll find more information about these strange bugs and their behaviors. Read on to learn how and why they infest homes, and when you need effective pest control to protect your home, remember to call on Big Blue Bug Solutions for the best Worcester pest control!

Common Signs Of A Centipede Infestation In Your Home

Like all pests, centipedes in your Worcester home will leave clues to their presence. If you look closely, you may find their droppings or shed legs, which are easy to miss and are rather indistinct. You're much more likely to see a centipede in your house before you find its waste. 

If you've seen a centipede and aren't sure if it's alone, you should check the warm, damp areas of your home. It's not uncommon to find centipedes in your basement or attic if they provide sufficient moisture and warmth. You'll also find them near plumbing fixtures, like sinks and tubs. 

Of course, getting a professional opinion's never a bad idea. Big Blue Bug Solutions offers free inspections and will go over your property in search of centipede harborage spots to diagnose your problem. A professional inspection is always the first step to effective centipede control.

Why Centipedes Can Be A Problem In Your Home

There are poisonous centipedes in Worcester. In fact, all centipedes are poisonous, but they usually aren't dangerous. Most people don't have much of a reaction to a centipede bite, though the bite itself can be rather painful.

Centipedes aren't harmful to your home itself, but something that attracts them could be. Centipedes feed on other insects, and given the variety of pests that can inhabit Worcester homes, they could cause problems. Their prey includes bed bugs, cockroaches, and moths, to name a few.

But even if you don't find signs of other bugs in your home, it's important to have professionals remove centipedes as soon as you can to prevent their numbers from growing and becoming more intrusive in your life. The Big Blue Bug Solutions team will work fast to thoroughly treat your home for centipedes in all stages of life. We also offer three maintenance checks with our residential treatment program to ensure the quality of our work.

Steps You Can Take To Prevent Future Centipede Infestations

Implement these preventive steps to help avoid future infestations:

  • Reduce the humidity throughout your home
  • Schedule regular pest treatment to remove potential food sources
  • Install door sweeps and repair damage around doors and windows
  • Remove clutter to remove potential hiding places

To keep these strange bugs out of your home, call Big Blue Pest Solutions today.

The Effective Way To Get Rid Of A Centipede Infestation

Centipedes are one of the least menacing creepy crawlers you can find on your property, and you may be tempted to handle an infestation yourself. But without proper pest control knowledge, it's likely you won't quash the whole infestation, and it will keep coming back time after time. But if you turn to Big Blue Bug Solutions, we'll make sure the problem is handled the right way, the right way.

We have over 80 years in the residential pest control field, and in that time, we've protected a variety of homes against a myriad of pests. Together, we'll rid your home of bugs and other pests so you can rest easy. Call us today to schedule a free inspection.