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Everything You Should Know About Effective Tick Control In South Portland

dog in tick free yard

Having ticks in your yard can be annoying and dangerous. These small little bugs are part of the arachnid family. If you are noticing a lot of ticks around your property, Big Blue Bug Solutions knows how to get rid of them. After decades in the industry, we have expanded our company to provide pest control in South Portland. Here is a look at how to achieve total tick control on your property.

How Common Ticks Get Around

There are hundreds of different tick species in the world. However, if you live in South Portland, you will most likely see American dog ticks, deer ticks, and woodchuck ticks. These three types of ticks exist in heavily wooded areas or other places with tall grass or a lot of foliage. 

Even though these ticks are tiny, some will travel several miles in their lifetime. They don't reach these long distances by running, flying, or even walking. Instead, they climb on people and animals to hitch a ride to their next destination. Ticks will usually stay low to the ground. When you walk by, they will climb on your shoes or the foot of an animal.

The Problems Ticks On Your Property Can Create

Many ticks can carry and spread a wide range of diseases and bacteria. Some of the illnesses that you can catch from ticks include:

  • Tularemia
  • Lyme disease
  • Rocky Mountain spotted fever
  • Babesiosis
  • Ehrlichiosis

Dogs and cats can also develop tick-borne diseases if an infected tick bites them. 

Simple Tips To Prevent Ticks Around Your Yard

Sometimes, it can seem almost impossible to keep ticks away from your yard. However, there are a few things that you can do that will give you a better chance at having a tick-free yard.

To prevent ticks from coming into your yard, follow these easy tips:

  • Stack firewood away from your house. Also, remove any fallen tree limbs, unused yard toys, and any other objects that are cluttering up your yard and provide a place for the ticks to hide.
  • Keep your yard well-manicured. Keep the grass in your yard cut short, and trim the bushes and shrubs away from your house.
  • Rake the leaves in your yard often. Remove the piles of leaves immediately.

You can also pour mulch around your home, playground, patio, and other high-traffic areas to keep ticks away from the recreational areas of your yard.

What Can I Do To Remove Ticks From My Property For Good

While the tips listed above will help reduce the number of ticks you see in your South Portland yard, the only way to get rid of ticks for good is to have your entire property professionally treated. At Big Blue Bug Solutions, we have been the top-rated rated pest control company for over 80 years. We understand the habits and behaviors of these tiny bugs, and we know how to completely eliminate them from your yard for good. 

When you call us, we will schedule a time to thoroughly inspect your property. We will then come up with a multi-step plan that will get rid of every tick in the area and keep them away for a long time.

Give us a call today to schedule your free inspection and free estimate!