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Are Fleas Dangerous To New England Residents


Many New England residents, especially those of us with pets, have experienced problems with fleas and know how much of a nuisance a flea infestation can be. Having these pests in your home can also be dangerous for you, your family members, and your pets as they are known to spread disease. You can never fully understand just how horrible residing in a flea-infested home is until you experience it firsthand — and trust us, you don’t want to! If you’ve never experienced a flea problem yet, consider yourself lucky! During the summer season in New England, however, flea populations become more and more active, putting your home more at risk for an infestation. To maintain a flea-free home this season, it is important to know the dangers that fleas present and what you can do if they invade your home!

No one wants to deal with a flea infestation — fleas are extremely annoying pests and can present several problems for you, your family, and your pets if they invade your home. When fleas bite, they leave behind itchy red welts that can be very irritating and uncomfortable; these pests don’t bite just once but multiple times, leaving you with clusters of these itchy bites on your skin. The most common place you may find these bites is around your ankles and lower leg area, as these are the easiest areas of our bodies for fleas to reach. A flea infestation is even worse for your pets! While fleas cannot remain on humans for long periods of time, these parasitic pests can live on pets, feeding on them and causing them extreme discomfort. Flea infestations can also cause severe psychological stress for homeowners and have an impact on their overall mental health. Between constantly being worried about fleas jumping around and biting, especially when you have guests over, and your pets incessant scratching, dealing with a flea infestation is enough to drive any person crazy!

Fleas have been known to cause allergies and transmit dangerous diseases to both humans and pets such as murine typhus and tapeworm. Did you know that fleas were once the primary carriers of the plague? Fleas still have the potential to both carry and spread the plague to this day, and though it is rare, it’s still important that homeowners take action against fleas as soon as possible to avoid the negative repercussions these pests bring with them!

It’s nearly impossible for homeowners to eliminate a current flea infestation all on their own. One female flea can lay over two-thousand eggs in her lifetime, meaning that the number of fleas in your home can easily double every day the infestation is left untreated. While following flea prevention tips and protecting your pets from fleas with a treatment recommended by their veterinarian, doing so won’t necessarily prevent a flea infestation from occurring in your home; instead, it is recommended that you do these steps in addition to treating your entire home with the help of a pest control professional. The use of DIY solutions like flea sprays or flea bombs not only pose health risks to your family members and pets, but is usually ineffective in solving the actual problem as well!

Our professionals at Big Blue Bug Solutions only use flea control methods that are proven to be both safe and effective. With the use of our Homeowners Policy, we can treat for fleas as well as prevent new infestations from occurring. Don’t let fleas problems ruin your summer! Contact Big Blue Bug Solutions to learn more!