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Why Am I Still Seeing Flies In My South Portland Home This Winter?

fly up close

It’s a misconception that pests only come around in the warm spring and summer months. Many of them are year-round nuisances that must be routinely managed. Most people wouldn’t expect to see flies buzzing around their kitchen in December when temperatures in South Portland can drop below 15º, but flies are actually a common winter pest.

 The arrival of winter often brings an invasion of face flies and cluster flies. You might find them buzzing around you, your windows, your pets, your trash bins, and your food. These sneaky pests squeeze through tiny openings of a home, through tears in window screens, cracks in foundation walls, or gaps under and around doors and windows. They can get in while you bring groceries in or when you open a window for some fresh air. And one pesky fly can turn into a full-blown infestation.

 Many species of flies overwinter, living through the cold season by finding shelter and warmth inside homes. They make a gradual migration indoors at the end of summer, finding crevices in attics, basements, behind baseboards, and hidden areas between the inside and outside walls of a home. They remain there for the duration of the winter.

 In spring, flies emerge from these hiding places. If you see flies suddenly appearing in your home during the spring, they were probably living in your house in a hibernation-like state all winter long.

 Having a fly infestation can expose you to a number of health risks. Flies gravitate to dirty areas such as fecal matter, garbage bins, animal waste, and sewage. They crawl and feed on unsanitary surfaces, picking up a host of germs and pathogens that they deposit on every surface they land on.

 Flies spread bacteria, contaminating your food, countertops, and meal-prep areas. They can transmit a variety of diseases such as cholera, conjunctivitis, polio, pinworm, tapeworm, typhoid, dysentery, and leprosy, just to name a few.

 Fly infestations are not always easy to eliminate. Flies commonly breed in drains, garbage disposals, and hard-to-reach areas, so you never know where more of them may be hiding. 

 There are a number of ways to prevent flies from infesting your home in the first place:

The best way to prevent and eliminate a fly infestation is to call in the professionals. Here at Big Blue Bug Solutions, we provide a wide array of pest control services to the community of South Portland and the surrounding areas.

 We thoroughly evaluate your situation and perform a comprehensive inspection so your fly problem is solved in a timely and efficient manner. We can help determine the sources of entry, inspect for overwintering flies, and eliminate breeding sites. Call Big Blue Bug Solutions today to discuss how we can drive those flies out of your home for good!