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Top 5 Places Bats Hide

bat found in a home in worcester ma

Are you freaked out? Do you hear something squeaking in your walls? Do you hear them scratching and bumping? Or is the problem worse? Sometimes it isn't quite so obvious where bats are hiding; but before you get a flashlight and a baseball bat to figure out where the dozen or so bats that are flapping around your home came from, you may want to read the rest of this article.

In our service area of Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut, we have a bat problem. While there are many bats that can be found here, brown bats are the most common pests; and, yes, while these creatures are generally considered beneficial in that they eat a truck load of mosquitoes, they can cause some issues if they find a place to live on your property--as you may already know, since you're reading this article.

What issues do brown bats cause?

Beyond the fact that having bats inside your home is an unsettling problem to have, bats are also able to spread rabies. What's worse, since bats are mostly docile animals, humans don't generally take them seriously. That is why bats are on the top of the list of animals that infect humans with rabies. This is because rabies-infected bats are often uncharacteristically aggressive.

It is not a good idea to stumble onto a place where bats are hiding, especially if you're wielding a baseball bat or tennis racket with the intent of using it. So, here are 5 of the top places you're likely to find brown bats hiding; but it is a good idea to avoid them until you have a professional take care of your bat problem.

  • Attic spaces. You may have bats in your belfry. These creatures prefer attic spaces because they are warm and secluded.
  • Roofline. Before bats get into your attic, they may get into your roofline, eaves, or soffits. Avoid climbing a ladder and checking these areas. It could result in a fall.
  • Wall voids. This is a common hiding place for bats. Fortunately, you can't get in there.
  • The shed. These are popular because they are secluded and often offer easier access.
  • The garage. If you have a storage space in your garage, this is probably not a good place to visit until you've had someone inspect your property for bats.

If you're seeing bats flying around your Rhode Island, Massachusetts, or Connecticut home, call the wildlife professionals at Big Blue Bug Solutions. We take care of all the pests that bug you, including bats. Our extraction specialists will remove those bats, address areas of contamination, and seal entry points so those bats don't get back in.

Bats are beneficial in nature, but when they find a home on your property, it is time to call Big Blue Bug.