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Don't Let Moles Take Over Your Rochester Yard

Mole activity on a Rochester yard.

Grubs, worms, and larvae. These may not sound appetizing to most property owners, but moles find them absolutely delectable, which is why they target your yard for their excavation missions. The result? Damaged lawns, gardens, and landscaping with only unattractive mounds and runways left behind. Sure, you can rummage through your garage looking for a lawn roller (if you even own one) to help flatten and smooth out those dirt hills, but when you least expect it, these critters end up wreaking havoc in another part of your yard.

Why even subject yourself to those hassles when pest professionals with mole control in Rochester are well-equipped to handle these destructive creatures? Our experienced team at Big Blue Bug Solutions offers the most effective methods for controlling moles consistently for an aesthetically pleasing yard with no worries. Continue reading to learn more.

Signs Of Moles On Your Property

Even if you've never seen a mole in your life, several specific signs can signal that they’ve taken up residence on your property.

Take a look at these clues that these subterranean creatures have made your yard their new home:

  • Molehills: Small, conical mounds of soil scattered across the lawn, resembling miniature volcanoes.
  • Surface tunnels: Raised ridges or tunnels visible on the surface they use for navigation.
  • Wilting plants: Damage to plant roots resulting in wilting or dying vegetation.
  • Loose soil: Soft, spongy soil in localized areas of the lawn where tunneling has occurred.
  • Visible burrow entrances: Inconspicuous, dime-sized holes that lead to underground burrows.

By recognizing these indicators early on, you can take prompt action to preserve the integrity of your yard. Get in touch with your local pest management company to learn more about effective mole control methods that work.

Moles In Your Yard Can Create Many Problems

Don't be tricked into believing moles are unobtrusive due to their small size. In fact, these ground-dwelling creatures can cause a plethora of problems on your property, starting with ruining the look and feel of your lawn. Their tunneling habits form unsightly mounds of dirt that not only blemish your yard's manicured appearance but can also destroy root systems, resulting in wilting and potential vegetation loss.

The network of tunnels that moles create beneath the surface can also compromise your soil's structure, making it spongy and less stable. This instability could extend to other structures, such as walkways or patios, causing potential hazards. Their constant burrowing behavior can expose stones and debris, damaging lawn mowers and other yard maintenance equipment.

For all these reasons, it's imperative that you give Big Blue Bug Solutions a call to learn how our mole control services can maintain the aesthetic appeal, structure, and safety of your property.

Factors That Attract Moles To Your Yard

You may not realize it, but your yard could contain a number of elements that contribute to attracting moles. These critters are drawn to moisture-rich soil, as it makes tunneling easier and also promotes the ideal environment for their favorite foods, mainly earthworms and insects, to thrive. Additionally, loamy or sandy soil types are particularly appealing to these small mammals due to their ease of navigating and creating extensive tunnel systems.

Another significant attractant is the presence of larvae and grubs in your soil, as moles are considered voracious insectivores. Overwatering your yard can also create an environment that inadvertently makes the perfect habitat for these creatures. So, to maintain the aesthetics and health of your property, consult with pest specialists to find out more about professionalmole control for your yard.

The Secret To Getting Rid Of Moles And Keeping Them Away

The secret weapon for exceptional ground mole removal and prevention isBig Blue Bug Solutions. Our expertly trained team has acquired the knowledge, training, and skills to quickly curtail mole activity and reduce the chances of their return. Trust the care of your property to professionals to preserve both its beauty and structural integrity. 

Reach out to us today to request your courtesy inspection.